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Truck Repair and Maintenance

Here are best & most useful trucker products under $20.
1. Safety Vest
2. Fifth Wheel Pin Puller
3. Window Breaker Seat-belt Cutter
4. Safety Glasses
5. Gloves For Truck Drivers
6. In-Cab Cleaning Gel
7. Safety Triangle Kit
8. Wrecking Bar
9. Wheel Chock
10. 4 in 1 Switch Panel with 12 Volt Dual USB Power Outlet Lighter Socket
11. Rechargeable Ultra Bright LED Flashlight
12. Boot Scraper
13. Lumbar Mesh Support
14. Men’s Toiletry Bag
15. Microfiber Bath Towel
16. Red White Reflective Tape
17. Glad Hand Lock
18. Pop-Socket Stand for Phones and Tablets
19. Air Hose
20. Push Rod Length Checker

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