Best Fuel Cards in Canada: Optimizing Fleet Efficiency & Cost Savings

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In today’s competitive business landscape, managing fuel expenses is a critical aspect of fleet management for companies operating in Canada. Fuel cards provide a convenient and efficient solution, offering benefits such as cost savings, enhanced control over fuel expenses, and streamlined administrative processes. In this article, we will explore the best fuel cards available in Canada, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they can help optimize fleet efficiency while reducing costs.

Esso Fleet Card

The Esso Fleet Card is a popular choice among Canadian fleet operators. It offers access to a wide network of Esso and Mobil stations across the country. Key features of the Esso Fleet Card include detailed reporting, customizable spending controls, and the ability to earn Esso Extra points for added rewards. The card also provides access to online account management tools, making it easy to monitor and control fuel expenses.

Shell Fleet Navigator Card

The Shell Fleet Navigator Card is designed to help fleet operators manage their fuel expenses effectively. It offers acceptance at Shell stations nationwide and provides detailed transaction reporting for enhanced visibility and control. The card also offers fuel savings through the Shell Fuel Discount Program, providing additional cost benefits to fleet operators.

Petro-Canada SuperPass Card

The Petro-Canada SuperPass Card is widely recognized for its extensive acceptance network, which includes Petro-Canada locations and partner fueling stations across Canada. This card offers real-time reporting, allowing fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption and expenses closely. Additionally, the SuperPass Card provides access to Petro-Canada’s loyalty program, offering potential rewards and savings opportunities.

HuskyPRO Card

The HuskyPRO Card is specifically designed for commercial fleets and offers comprehensive fuel management solutions. Accepted at Husky and Mohawk fueling locations nationwide, this card provides detailed transaction reporting, customizable controls, and online account management. The HuskyPRO Card also offers savings through the HuskyPRO Fleet Pricing program, ensuring cost-effective fueling options for fleet operators.
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Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard

The Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard is a versatile option that allows fleet operators to earn rewards on both fuel and other purchases. Accepted at Canadian Tire Gas+ locations, this card offers fuel savings through the Gas Advantage program and provides additional benefits such as extended warranties and roadside assistance services. Fleet operators can take advantage of the rewards program to offset fuel costs or allocate rewards towards fleet maintenance expenses.


FLEETCOR offers a range of fuel card solutions, including the Fuelman and FleetWide cards. These cards provide access to multiple fuel networks, allowing fleet operators to choose the most convenient and cost-effective fueling locations. FLEETCOR cards offer robust reporting capabilities, customizable controls, and integration with fleet management software, enabling seamless fuel expense management.

WEX Fuel Cards

WEX offers various fuel card options tailored to the needs of Canadian fleets. The WEX Fleet Card provides access to a wide network of fueling locations, including major brands across the country. With features such as detailed reporting, spending controls, and online account management, WEX fuel cards offer fleet operators the tools they need to monitor and control fuel expenses effectively.

Comdata Fuel Cards

Comdata offers fuel card solutions that provide flexibility and control over fuel expenses. Their fuel cards are accepted at thousands of fueling locations in Canada, enabling fleet operators to choose the most convenient options. Comdata cards offer customizable spending controls, detailed reporting, and integration with fleet management systems, ensuring efficient fuel expense management.


Choosing the right fuel card is crucial for fleet operators in Canada to optimize fuel expenses, enhance control over fueling transactions, and streamline administrative processes. The Esso Fleet Card, Shell Fleet Navigator Card, Petro-Canada SuperPass Card, HuskyPRO Card, Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard, FLEETCOR Fuel Cards, WEX Fuel Cards, and Comdata Fuel Cards are among the best options available in Canada. By leveraging these fuel card solutions, fleet operators can enjoy benefits such as cost savings, detailed reporting, customizable controls, and enhanced efficiency in fuel management, ultimately improving the overall profitability and productivity of their fleets.

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Best Fuel Cards in Canada: Optimizing Fleet Efficiency & Cost Savings