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We have a lot of trucking companies, load brokers, truck mechanics, truck buyers, sellers and truck drivers in our Facebook groups. In addition, people in the trucking business and business organizations such as truck wash, truck part supplier, truck driving school, fleet insurance and trucking authorities providers are also members of our Facebook groups. Our Facebook groups for truckers are scam-free, we try our best and scrutinize each post, membership request and comment. We have categorized these groups for your convenience. You are welcome to join in your niche category today and reach out to the actual audience.

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1. Truck driving jobs in the US and Canada

Join this group today and start driving tomorrow onwards. All kinds of truck driving jobs are available in this group. Such as jobs for new truck drivers, jobs for experienced truck drivers, tanker driver jobs, dry van driver jobs, reefer driver jobs and so on. You are welcome to join as a trucking company, truck driver recruiter, driver services provider agency and trucker.

2. Truck drivers of the US and Canada

Starting from how to become a truck driver to How to open a trucking company? All your questions are answered by expert truckers. This group is well versed with old school truckers on Facebook, 3-stick shifting, well-experienced truckers to rookie truckers. This group is well-populated with trucking experiences, truck driving tips, trucker jokes, trucker slangs, truck driver problems, solutions and the latest trends in trucking. We are trying our best to keep this group scam-free, we appreciate your help, please do not post or comment that hurt anyone’s feelings. You can find success stories in trucking, like how to start a trucking company, the benefits of being an owner-operator and more.

3. CDL, Class1, AZ License Q&A, truck driving school, test tricks & more

You need a truck driver’s license to pursue a career in trucking. It is also called CDL, Class 1, Class A, and AZ driver license. Before we start, we all have questions like when to take truck driver training?. Which is the best truck driver training school?. How to become an AZ driver in Ontario?. In what season should I take truck driving training?. How much does it cost to get a truck driver’s license in Brampton?. Where to get financial help to get a truck driver’s license in Brampton?. Join the Truck Driving School Group today to find out the answers to all these questions.

4. Truckservicez.com official group

Some companies are working on driverless trucking, and truck driver jobs may be in jeopardy in the near future. What do you think? Are the trucking jobs secure? You can also put your opinion in this group to discuss the future of truck driver jobs. In addition, this is our official group. We are here to help you with your queries like how to advertise on truckervicez.com?. How to use truckservicez.com?. How much does it cost to advertise a trucking business on truckservicez.com?.

5. Truck repair services in USA and Canada

This group is very important for a truck driver, owner-operator, a fleet owner and a truck mechanic. You can get your tractor-trailer problems, their solutions, and tricks to keep the truck trailer healthy from an experienced mechanic. Answers to Optional Truck Repair and Maintenance Questions such as Which is the best truck repair shop in Brampton ?. Where is the drive-through truck wash in Brampton? Join this group today to find out which diesel mechanic is better, cheaper and which mechanic is not better.

Apart from this group, you are welcome to add your truck repair and maintenance services on our website https://www.truckservicez.com/Add-Service We have more than 1k trucker visitors on our website.

6. Trucks for sale, truck parts, buy, sell and swap.

In Ontario, especially in Brampton, truck buying and selling is good business. Many websites charge you a fee for buying and selling trucks. But in our group or on the website you can find truck buying and selling posts for free. But be sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly once before making any transmissions. Online frauds are very common these days. Most of the posts in our group are about buying and selling trucks in Brampton, buying and selling new used truck trailers in Mississauga. Also important information such as how much to look for when buying a used truck, which dealerships are good in Brampton, etc. are shared in this group and on our website. So join this group today and reap the benefits.

7. Towing service providers in the USA and Canada

You are welcome to join this group if you provide heavy duty towing services, truck rollover recovery, and roadside assistance services. Unfortunately, the towing is the part of our job, God forbid, we may need these services at any time. In addition, join this group now for more important information, such as the cheapest heavy duty towing service in Brampton, the best tractor trailer towing service near 401, join this group today.

8. Truck products

This group is designed for truck drivers to discuss, buy and sell trucker products such as inverters, GPS, sleep comforters, truck decoration products and more. The biggest advantage of this social media platform is that you can share any product with your friends before you buy it and explore its features. Our affiliate products are also shared in this group. If you like our groups and our website then get your desired product from our affiliate market today.

9. Truck, trailer and heavy machinery loans

This group is designed to post information about truck loans, trailer loans, heavy machinery loans, and mortgages. You can share your experiences with loans and mortgages. Lenders, truck loan providers, heavy machinery loan providers and mortgage groups can share their business by joining their business.

10. Truck insurance, fleet insurance, owner operator, truck driver insurance

Today, everyone suffers from sky-high insurance rates. If you have cheap truck insurance, cheap commercial insurance or cheap auto insurance, share with this group. Insurance advisors and brokers are welcome to join this group. Health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and every other insurance sector is very important to everyone. Join our group today and help each other.

Finally, we can say,

The top 10 Facebook groups for truckers in the US and Canada are

  • 1. Truck driving jobs
  • 2. Truck drivers
  • 3. CDL, Class1, AZ License Q&A, truck driving school, test tricks & more
  • 4. Truckservicez.com official
  • 5. Truck repair service in the USA and Canada
  • 6. Trucks for sale, truck parts, buy, sell and swap
  • 7. Towing service providers in the USA and Canada
  • 8. Truck products
  • 9. Truck, trailer and heavy machinery loans
  • 10. Truck insurance, fleet insurance, owner operator, truck driver insurance

We hope you enjoy posting and stay connected top 10 Facebook groups for truckers in the US and Canada. Please share this article on social media and help people involved in the trucking industry.

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