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You can use Facebook groups for business. We have 10 trucking-related Facebook groups. All our groups are directly or indirectly linked to the trucking in Canada and the US. If you are a truck driver, truck mechanic or own a trucking company, join and enjoy Facebook group benefits. Your posts will be investigated and approved quickly by our dedicated team, you do not have to wait for days. These are the best and fastest-growing groups on Facebook. These Facebook groups commercial, local and good enough to advertise your business on Facebook. Below are the best Facebook groups on trucking.

1. Trucking Jobs

This is the fastest-growing group on Facebook. You can find or advertise trucking jobs in this group. This group is maintained by “truckservicez”. Join this group if you are looking for a truck driver job in Canada or in the United States. The trucking jobs Facebook group is also good for trucking companies, and agencies looking for truck drivers. Click the link below to join the Trucking Jobs group:


2. Truck Driver

You can post in this group related to the truck driver’s life. You can also share any of your related experiences with this group. Share the latest trends in trucking, trucker jokes, trucker slangs, truck driver problems, and solutions. So, join this group to brighten your trucking future. Click this link for the Truck Driver group.


3. Truck Driving School

If you are interested in a truck driver job, definitely join this group. You can find and share posts like getting AZ license in Canada, CDL license, how to become a truck driver, truck driver license cost, good training schools to be a truck driver, and truck driver training related in this group. Click this link to join the Truck Driving School group.


4. Truckservicez Group

Letus discuss the future of truck driver jobs. Share your thoughts, worries, and ideas about driverless, autonomous trucking. How we can extract the maximum juice from technology in truck driving. So share your ideas on new innovations on trucking and update fellow truckers. Join this group by clicking the link below.


5. Truck Repair

This group is very important for a truck driver, a fleet owner or a truck mechanic. Discuss your tractor-trailer problems and get answers from experienced mechanics. So be part of the Truck Repair Group today by clicking the link below.


6. Trucks For Sale

You can post used trucks for sale, where to buy brand new trucks, your experience about local truck dealers, truck parts buy sell swap in this group. Truck dealers and individual truck and trailer sellers are welcome to advertise their products here. The link to this group is given below


7. Tow Service

This group is created for posts related to towing and recovery. You are welcome to this group if you provide heavy duty towing, truck rollover recovery, and roadside assistance services. Unfortunately, no truck driver likes this, but it is part of the truck driver or owner operator job, so join this group today.


8. Trucker Products

This group is created to discuss, buy and sell helpful products for truck drivers such as inverters, GPS, sleep comforters, truck decor products, etc… The biggest benefit of this Facebook group is that you can find out the pros and cons of a product before purchasing it. You are welcome to share your experiences on trucker products with this group. Click on the link to join this group.


9. Loan & Mortgages

This group is created to post truck loans, trailer loans, heavy machinery loans, and mortgages. You can share your experiences with loans and mortgages. Lenders, truck loan providers, heavy machinery loan providers and mortgage groups are welcome to join and share their business. Here is the link to join this group.


10. Insurance

Nowadays, everybody is a victim of sky-high insurance rates. If you found a cheap truck insurance, cheap commercial insurance or cheap auto insurance, share with this group, please. Insurance advisors and brokers are welcome to join this group. Health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and every other insurance field is really important for everyone. Join our group today and help each other.


Join our Facebook groups today and stay fresh on trucking. Please share this information on social media and join the trucking industry today.

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