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Friends, Nowadays there is a lot of looting work in Canada. You can see numerous advertisements for work in Canada on social media, in newspapers, and in other media. I would like to share information about some such social media posts. There are a plethora of Facebook posts on jobs in Canada which are not available anywhere in Canada. And nowadays, many YouTube channels are also vociferously promoting jobs in Canada even does not exist.

Some jobs in Canada even do not exist

Fraud jobs in Canada, teaboy office boy even does not exist,
Jobs in Canada

Yesterday, I saw somebody posted an “Office Boy” job in Canada, and next is its salary is $2,000… which is the biggest lie. I have not seen anyone got a work permit as an “Office Boy” from Immigration Canada. Please correct me if I am wrong.
One more post on social media sending people to Canada as a “Tea Boy”. If anyone came to Canada as “Tea Boy”, please comment. I never have seen someone working in this position. Even big bosses here, buy their own coffee. Everyone has their own coffee and water bottles, no one has servants. Friends, everything is private here, none of these corporates waste money on “Tea Boy” or “Office Boy”, please be aware of immigration frauds. These jobs are not in any occupation list in Canada. Moreover, they advertise these jobs as govt jobs in Canada, correct me if I am wrong.

If you are trying to get to Canada on a work permit, be sure to take a look at the following:

1. Check the offered job,  Is it in the Occupations in-demand list. The list of occupations in demand in Canada is here.

Occupations in demand list Canada

2. Google the name, address, email address and phone number of the company where you will work in Canada after arrival. Call or email the company and find out if the company even needs manpower before applying. Google the company name along with the word Immigration fraud. For example, Google “PCL Immigration fraud” if somebody offering you work in the PCL construction company, you will see horrifying results. Everyone is advertising work in Canada in PCL construction, here is the screenshot and link from the PCL website.

PCL construction website screenshot, immigration fraud, Canada work permit fraud, jobs in Canada fraud
PCL construction website screenshot showing recruitment frauds

3. If you have verified both of the above facts, submit your passport to the embassy yourself. Either post your file or submit at the local office visiting there.

4. You will receive the file number after you submitted the passport and file. Check the work permit application status regularly on the immigration Canada website. Please make sure you need an account on Canada official website) to check the progress.

Every work visa application has a file number, no work permit issued without a file number. If your agent is not giving you a legit file number, then it is 100% immigration fraud.

5. Now that you’ve got a work permit, book the flight tickets yourself. Do not rely on others, you will end up in a fraud.

6. Regardless of how multiculturalization and multiple language speakers living in Canada. You need a good knowledge of English to work in Canada.

7. Block fraud work permit posts on social media and report immigration frauds here.

Share the awareness, not frauds.

In addition, wherever you are applying, make sure they do not open the office overnight, they won’t last night if the open overnight. Check out the Google reviews of a particular immigration agent’s office, had they sent anyone overseas. Contact the one living overseas. Nowadays everyone is on social media, you can easily find and verify.

Some latest immigration frauds caught by Canada border service agency are in the following links

Man charged in fraudulent Sask. immigration scheme: CBSA

Friends: The purpose of this post is not against any business but to warn from fraud offers of work in Canada in 2020. Please share it, comment and feel free to contact us.

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