Will autonomous trucks unemploy the drivers?

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Will autonomous trucks unemploy the drivers?

Will autonomous trucks unemploy the drivers?, My answer is yes, if not in the near future, for sure in the next decade. If they are talking to run the trucks with the least help from the driver, one day, trucks will run without the driver.

The truck driver’s job is also becoming a prelude to the lure of the commercial world. Self-driving vehicles are around the corner. Your jobs are not safe, either learn robotics in trucking or go home.

Plus.ai self driving truck on its first commercial job, autonomous trucking, driverless trucking, driver less trucks
Plus.ai self-driving truck on its first commercial job. Img src https://plus.ai/

In the old days, the truck driver did not need any technology such as GPS, the driver could remember the locations, read the map. But now, technology is there for everything, and the corporate is making money from it. They commercialized our skills like reading a map, judge the defect in the vehicle from its behavior on the road, etc. Similarly, they will sell our professional truck driving skill, to automation.

How automation is unemploying workers?

Nowadays, robot workers in factories, automated order systems in restaurants are booming. Plug and play devices are sending technicians home. Self-driving trucks, buses, trains, cars, and planes will kick us out of the seats soon. Go to any grocery store, McDonald’s, they have automatic machines set up to take orders and pay. Call at the helpline of any company, it is the computer that answers the question. Even the robot army is there in the news.

Self-driving trucking companies are saying

that they are doing this to deal with the shortage of truck drivers. But, in fact, their purpose is to save the salary of the truck driver. According to a report, the driver’s salary is 26% of the total transportation expenses. Who will spend 26% more to save our jobs? Nobody.

Autonomous trucks will unemploy trucking-related workers as well

Autonomous trucking will increase the competition in truck driving jobs. First, self-driving trucks will kill long haul trucking jobs, and then the local truck driving jobs. because, the drivers will switch to local driving from the highway, which will increase competition in the local truck driving jobs and decrease the driver wages.

As a start, Plus.ai drove an autonomous truck from California to Pennsylvania.

Autonomous trucking will also end the truck driver training schools. Next to it, the safety jacket, gloves makers, and in-cab accessory makers will disappear one by one. Just as the Internet has almost eliminated print media today.

Where will the automation end?

One day robots will unemploy everyone, and eat our purchasing power. When there is no customer, the business world will also end up stuck in its own mess. Who will need the robot, without customers? Ultimately, we will move to self-dependency. Although it all sounds like a movie, but it will happen.

Are Sikhs (Punjabi or turbanators) responsible for the recession in the value of trucking

Good thing is, our governments are working on universal basic income. Nowadays, the goal of Universal Basic Income is to help the people living below the poverty line. It will become a necessity for everyone’s future.

So, what do you think, Will autonomous trucks unemploy the drivers?

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