Who must enter weigh stations?

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Who must enter weigh station in Ontario?

In Ontario, Canada following vehicles must enter weigh stations

  • Every commercial vehicle carrying over 4500kg.
  • Busses carrying more than 10 passengers. Buses are exempted in some provinces.
  • U-Haul on the commercial move.
  • Bobtail trucks.
weigh station
weigh station

Every commercial vehicle carrying weight more than 4500kg must enter the inspection station in Ontario.

Buses are exempted in some provinces and territories. A full map of bus exemptions is here.

Vehicles equipped with weigh station prepass transponder are exempted if the prepass device signals green.

Personal moving vehicles like U-Haul are also exempted if it is non-commercial move.

For more information please refer to the ministry of transportation website

When to enter the weigh station?

There are LED display signs and lights indicating weigh stations on major highways

OPEN /CLOSED:- A flashing LED sign found on most of weigh stations. You must enter when OPEN is flashing. tractor-trailer inspection station.

Flashing lights Signboard:- Enter when lights flashing, otherwise keep driving.

MTO Vehicle with FOLLOW ME TO THE WEIGH STATION led flashing arrow. Sometimes, MTO vehicle pull out in front with a  “Follow me to the weigh station”.sign at back, then you have to enter despite all exemptions.

Who can skip the weigh station?

You can skip the weigh station if you have a weigh station prepass transponder installed and it is displaying green signal.

Prepass transponders communicate with the weigh station and indicate to bypass or enter before the entrance of a weigh station. Better to get installed a transponder.

All you can experience being a trucker. Read more on how to be a truck driver in Ontario Canada.


Do I need to enter weigh station if I am bobtailing?

Yes, you need to enter weigh station even if you are bobtailing. Bobtail itself have space without a trailer and vulnerable to major and minor defects.

What happens if you skip an open weigh station?

Truck passing weigh station
Ministry of Transportation Vehicle

Best is to enter when the “OPEN” or “FLASHING LIGHTS” signal is on. Unfortunately, if you skipped by mistake. Exit highway, turn around and enter again.

If you failed to enter the weigh stations, you are guilty of an offense and liable to a fine of  $20,000 under section 124(5) of HTA.

Refer to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario website link is here for more information

Anywhere, anytime Inspection

Nowadays ministry can inspect your vehicle anywhere and anytime. Especially in Ontario. Ministry officials inspecting commercial vehicles on roads, plazas and even other non-designated spots. Which is great for the safety of commercial vehicles on the road.

Ministry officials run safety weeks, focusing on brakes, tires, documentation, logbook, and more. You will see more officers on roads and non-designated commercial vehicle inspection spots during safety weeks.

Next International Roadcheck Set for June 4-6 With Emphasis on Steering and Suspension. More information for road safety check is available here

So inspect your vehicle daily, stay legal and proudly enter weigh stations.

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