Where to Buy Used Heavy Duty Truck

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Everyone, thinking of to buy a used truck have few questions in mind. Especially when buying a heavy truck. One of the biggest question is Where to buy a used truck. With the help of trucker veterans, I tried to answer this. You need to consider your budget, loads, type of work and miles you going to run and select one of following accordingly.

Buying from local dealerships

If you don’t know much about trucks, try local dealerships. The main advantage is you can visit and see equipment physically as many times as you want. You can also take a mechanic to local dealerships to find out mechanical fitness of the trucks you selected. Good highway tractors mostly found with local sellers. Major disadvantage is they temporary fix tractors to sell, be careful, always.

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Buying form online classifieds

If you are a techie, find a good one from websites. Main advantage of online sale purchase market is big inventory. You can also ask technical questions to sales representatives online and then visit physically to buy.

Visiting Auctions

Auctions are also a good option if you have mechanical knowledge of trucks. Best thing about the auctions is prices are very competitive. If you are a group of friends and wanted to buy more than one, auctions are the great option. Good tractors for city driving mostly available on auctions. Companies sell their whole fleet to auctions.

Searching from your own network

If you are lucky enough, you might get good one from friend circle. The best thing is you can held responsible your friend later on if there is any major issues in equipment.

Always keep an eye, you could win a super lotto, one of my friend brought a tractor he used to drive as a company driver.

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