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Where is the truck entrance of…

The biggest question for a trucker is where is the truck entrance of… As a trucker, I have seen a lot of truck entrances are ridiculous. is here to help you when different addresses on paperwork, google maps, truck, and GPS. is offering a good platform for professional truckers. A trucking company, warehouse, owner-operator, professional truck drivers can enter information in This information is freely available to everyone. My aim is no trucker in no exit road, dead end, no truck route, weight limit route, and a low bridge.
No doubt almost all of us have truck GPS, but still, we look for some help to find a truck entrance. At made it easier to find out, You may need help at 00:00 night, is there to help you.

How important the truck entrance is?

Adding truck entrance to is easy. Just click and fill up a simple form. It takes a maximum of 10 seconds to add a truck entrance to Your 10 seconds are very useful for fellow truckers.

I went to Loblaws Ajax, Ontario. Company address 500 Bayley Street, Ajax. I went to 500 Bayly street with a tractor trailer. I  called a tow truck to get out of the dead end. The truck entrance was at Achilles Rd and paperwork showing at Bayly street.
I tried to turn around from the dead end and my trailer stuck in a snow pile, which was in the middle of a turnaround.
So I entered Loblaws Ajax truck entrance to

Truck entrance in

You need to fill a simple easy form. For added security is allowing text only in fields. Do not use commas in the company name. Enter more details in description. The whole description will be displayed when somebody wants to use it. Enter details of low bridges, dead ends, nearest no truck routes, and more cautionary information in the description.
Whoever enters the information, his/her identity will not be disclosed. do not store any identity information.

2. Simply fill captcha letters and click on submit. will display submitted successfully. If there is an error message please follow up and try to correct it. If still, it is not accepting, please email at

How to find a truck entrance

It is very easy to find a truck entrance on Fill up a simple form

as shown in the pic. All fields are mandatory.

Provided that particular address is already in a database of

If your address is already in our database, it will inform you that address already exists.

If you want to make changes to already added address, please contact us at




Enter company name, city or address in a search bar. Better to search with company name and city.

Do not enter commas in the company name.

Enter detailed information in the description. Enter details of low bridges, no truck routes, dead ends, weight limit truck routes or any other caution in the description.






2. Select the most relevant truck entrance from search results.







3. Now you got your address. Please add address whichever you know. Enter addresses properly, so anyone use it not get confused.

Please note that all truck entrances are entered by professional drivers. So will not be liable for any mistakes. If you find any mistake in address please email at You can send us video links for truck entrances also. I made an example video of the truck entrance of Omer Deserres Oakville, Ontario

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