How the Truck driving school may get you the job

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“Call us back when you have more experience.”

A lot of ambitious new truckers hear that phrase every day. “Call us back when you have more experience” or “we require 1 year of recent experience within the last 3 years.” In order to get that valuable experience, you must land a job in the industry. Truck driving school may get you the job.

Looking for a Truck Driver Job? Register today, Start tomorrow

The FMCSA has pushed the Entry-Level Driver Training Rule (ELDT) back until February 7, 2022. This delay may have many potential new drivers wondering if they should pursue a truck driving school or find a different route to obtaining their CDL before February 2022. When it comes to fast-tracking quality experience in the trucking world, a truck driving school may be a new driver’s best bet for getting hired.

Mandatory truck driving experience for fresh graduates

Unfortunately, that experience requirement is a tough roadblock for new truckers to overcome. Many companies consider recent graduation from a trucking school as a form of acceptable minimum experience for their hiring process. In this article, I will discuss how the truck driving school can lead to the initial opportunity someone may need to get started in the trucking industry.

Truck driving school may get you the job – they are upgrading

Truck driving schools are increasing the quality of their curriculum and instructors with the ELDT rule approaching. The schools teach proper pre-trip inspections, hours of service rules, and many other DOT safety regulations. These are valuable parts of trucking. One can only learn from a reputed CDL training school. The days of instructors sleeping in the seat next to their students or teaching the bare minimum to simply pass the CDL exam are going away. It is reasons like that which make employers more likely to hire an individual with truck driving school experience vs. someone with a CDL and no experience at all.

Truck driving school may get you the job – if it is a reputed truck driver training school

Many community colleges and universities offer a form of CDL training as well. The major benefit of paying for truck driving school is that you are in total control of the job opportunities you pursue. The cost of trucking driving school can be expensive initially. However, according to the most recent report on, the average trucker base salary in the United States is $61,356. Therefore, one can expect to earn enough making a living as a trucker driver to offset the cost of school.

Good Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving school may get you the job – some companies with paid CDL training opportunities

But, if paying out of pocket for a truck driving school does not appeal to you, there are many companies that hire and train with no experience necessary. According to their respective websites, companies like C.R. England, Coca-Cola, and Roehl Transport, will all pay you to train and obtain your CDL with them. Many more companies offer similar paid training as well. But, read the “fine print” carefully, when considering a company paid truck driving schools. Because many companies may require a minimum time of employment. Otherwise, paid training may be charged to the individual.

Due to the fact that third party trucking schools and universities are training their students at a high level, as well as companies offering paid CDL training, truck driving school is creating the opportunity for many new drivers to get hired. Companies that do not offer a truck driving school are more likely to hire a new driver who recently graduated from CDL school vs a new driver who got their CDL on their own. Therefore, if you want a better chance at landing a job in the industry, truck driving school is for you.

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By: Andrew DeCamp
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