Quick and Simple: Truck Driver Resume preparation steps

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Free truck driver resume samples download and use, driving skills, job description of a delivery driver

  • Flatbed, dump, gravel. log and livestock truck driver resume sample free download
  • long haul, reefer, dryvan truck driver resume sample free download
  • Truck driver skills, job description of a truck driver

Scroll down to download various truck driver resume templates.

Any career starts with a resume. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced truck driver, when you want to join a trucking company or want to change job, you need an excellent trucking resume to represent you and your skills.

A resume is so important that people even hire professional resume writers to prepare their perfect resume. In this era of technology, people started using online resume builders.

So, here we are going to discuss a few things, which should be taken care of while preparing a professional resume for a trucking job.

Step by step guide for creating truck driver resume

A good resume is the one which is easy to read, consistent, concise. So use good fonts. Don’t try to decorate it with cursive or odd shaped characters. Sentences must be clear and exact.

Use easy but rich vocabulary to write less, express more. If pdf based resumes are not prohibited, then prefer to use pdf based resumes, they do not scatter on different computers.

Keep it enough spacious that words can breathe. Packed resumes are often avoided by recruiters. Nobody have so much time to point out your positives from an essay. They have choices, so they look into only those resumes, where their eyes like to look in.

Following are the most important parts of a resume:

  • Career Objective
  • Experience
  • Document Details (Licenses, Certificates, etc.)
  • Achievements
  • Contact Details

Career Objective

Career Objective is on the top of the resume and is a beautiful blend of your ambition, achievements, experience and interests. So write it in such a way that the reader can reach the depth of your thought. Let’s make it clear with the help of an example.

Truck driver offering 4 years and 8 months of flawless record in hauling food, grocery and general freight loads to their destination, without breakage or damage. Seeking career as a truck driver where I can grow and utilize my skills for the growth of the organization.

4 years and 8 months is the quantity of experience, where achievements are hauling food, grocery and general freight loads & without damage. Ambition is to grow and help the organization in its growth.


Now it is time to explain your experience in details. If you have experience with multiple organizations/companies/firms, then list them out. Present the different type of truck driven like Flat-bed, Van/Reefer, A/B Train etc. and driving areas e.g. Local, Long haul, Short haul.

Don’t use a generic approach to write this experience section in your truck driver resume. Stuff it with what you have inside you.

Put your recent experience at the top of the list, followed by the points having rest of your experiences with other trucking companies. It works for the experienced ones.

But what if you are a fresher in truck driving? Definitely, it will be harder for you to get shortlisted but don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Keep it in mind that there is a shortage of truck drivers and you are still in demand. But you have to compete with other freshers. If you are applying for a truck driving job, you may be fresher technically, but you know well that you have some experience with it. You got a license at all.

Coming to the point, you can write about your training, inspection skills, past experiences from other jobs which somehow relates to your upcoming work.

Document Details (Licenses, Certificates, etc.)

Next list out the various documents supporting you.

So point out all the licenses, certificates, appreciation letters and similar documents. Do mention there validity, if exists.

These documents add lots of weight to your trucking resume. The reason is that these are issued by some authority, who have taken responsibility of you and declared that you deserve to drive.

You may add your recent drug clearance certificates with their validity period.  Also, you can mention your health and insurance certificates.


The one who is going to hire you definitely wants to know that if you have done something extraordinary. So, tell them about what you have done extraordinarily.

Need an example?

  • Drove an average 3,000 miles per week with 97% deliveries on time with 99% customer satisfaction.
  • 5 years of driving with 100% clean driving records.
  • Worked in snow storms at the visibility of 2 meters and delivered 100% safety.
  • 100% Clean drug records.

Contact Details

Must mention a few options for the hirer to contact you including your Mobile Number, email id, mailing address.

It is always wise to mention more than 1 mobile number, in case if they can’t reach you on your primary number, they have an option to contact you on your another number.

Here is some free Truck Driver Resume Template. Download them for free and change as per your requirements.

driver skills, delivery driver job description, truck driver resume
Truck driver resume sample

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Entry level truck driver resume

Gravel truck driver sample resume

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Livestock driver sample resume

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