Life of a Truck Driver

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Starting a truck driver life

Tired of watching clock in a factory for a break, time to switch, but have no investment. Try trucking, enjoy the truck driver life, be a trucker and be your own boss. In starting of trucking carrier you feel all like this. No more lunch, coffee breaks. Everything is in your control, see your lunch bag is just by transmission liver.

Your coffee on the dashboard, in the cup holder, have a sip and count cars on road. The biggest fun is no supervisor on your head. Your immediate friends are steering wheel, brakes, accelerator, shifting liver, stay in complete touch with them. Stay alert and strictly connected with friends. Is driving truck worthy, see this all it is?


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Roads and Scenarios

Now no more walls of a factory and noisy machine where you were working. Watch out nice scenarios on the road. Especially in summer, it is great to see greenery, flowers, and mountains along the road. You waited for hours to take a breath in fresh air, see it just one click away now. Open the window and take a deep breath. It is fresh and cool in mornings, look at the sunrise, which you may have not seen throughout the week. Now you have no more hazards from fumes, plastic, led, chemicals and smells. All you left back in the factory. All depends on you now, cleaner cab you have, fresher you stay.

Earn while having fun

Millions of songs are just a click away now. Enjoy at the sound level you are found off in the cabin of your commercial truck. No more noisy atmosphere, it is your choice. Turn radio channels, stay connected with trucking news, the world while earning behind the wheel. Have breakfast in Ohio and dinner in Tennessee. Is not it a great job, no need to wait for microwave just pug in and earn while your food getting warmed up. Moreover, you can talk with friends over Bluetooth. See how great to live a truck driver life. They enjoy having a great salary as a trucker.

Sleep, Spa, pools, and motels for truckers

Is not it looks like you are out for a picnic, yes you are? Depending on how much you want to save and fun. But you have a great chance of having a spa, gym, pool table every day. Thanks to electronic logbooks, you have enough time for healthy activities every night. You are actually a traveler behind the wheel. Having a life like a truck driver life is great.

I just say start trucking, work as much as you want, enjoy life, see the country.


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More about the trucker lifestyle

A day as a trucker is.

  • The trucker day starts early in the morning mostly at 6 am. Local drivers have set hours to start the day.
  • Long haul truckers are their own boss, they are not time bound. Long haul drivers wake up, do their washroom activity, breakfast and go on.
  • Inspect tractor trailer, look underneath the trailer, long haul drivers invest some more time doing  C-TPAT inspection.
  • Log in, hook up, check your route, long haul drivers have predefined routes.
  • Local truckers may find a different route every day and get their routing information at dispatch counter.
  • Long haul drivers have more choice for brakes, local drivers have to follow defined brakes.
  • Local drivers drive 50 to 250 miles a day. Highway drivers measure 500 miles of the road a day.
  • As the day progresses, long haul drivers keep driving. Local drivers mostly wait at customer sites, sit in traffic and go home at the end of the day.

Family time of truck drivers

The other side of the coin is the home time of truck drivers.

Working 70 hours a week, at least 12 hours a day, 6 days work week. City truck drivers go home daily, but spend less time at home and more time in the truck.

As a local driver If I work 6 am to 7 pm daily, I have to leave home around 5 am and home by 8 pm. I have only 11 hours to eat, sleep and play with kids.

Highway drivers sacrifice more home time. They home mostly on weekends.

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