Life of a Truck Driver

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The pros of a truck driver job

You Can
—Earn good wages.
—Afford a comfortable life for the family.
—Enjoy good financial rewards, bonuses, and perks.
—Watch the whole country and meet amazing people.
—Fulfill your traveler niche.
—Give your heart and soul in emergencies.

The cons of the truck driver job.

—You miss most Parties, Reunions, Gettogethers, Births, BBQs, Weddings, Funerals, etc.
—You may be on the road on Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day, and other cultural events.
—The biggest sacrifice is the marriage anniversary.
—OTR long haul drivers often miss the first. The first step, word, first day at school of little ones.
—You may not be there to tell bedtime stories to kids, often miss the school plays, parent-teacher meetings, etc.
—Not always home to cheer up your kids when they come from the school with a medal.
—You may feel helpless and might not be there if your family in crisis.
—As a trucker, you may not be able to say goodbye to the beloved ones.

truck on highway, truck going on highway ramp, truck merging in the traffic
Truck merging in the traffic

I feel really sad when someone passes a trucker and raises a middle finger. It is easy to do that but it is hard to be a trucker. American truck drivers sacrifices about 60% of their lives being away from their loved ones
Who dares to do that?

What is great about the life of a long haul trucker?

What you feel when you jump behind the wheel. You do not need to watch the clock for the break time, just eat whenever you want. Your coffee on the dashboard, in the cup holder, have a sip and count cars on road. The best is no supervisor on your head. Your immediate friends are steering wheel, brakes, accelerator, shifting liver, stay in touch with them. Stay alert and strictly connected with friends. The life of an American truck driver is better than drivers up north.

How to become a truck driver in Canada

Roads and Scenarios

Now no more walls of a factory and noisy machine where you were working. Watch out nice scenarios on the road. Especially in summer, it is great to see greenery, flowers, and mountains along the road. You waited hours for the fresh air, now it just one click away. Open the window and take a deep breath. It is fresh and cool in the mornings, look at the sunrise and sunset. You have no more hazards from fumes, plastic, led, chemical particles in the air. Cleaner the cab you have, fresher you stay.

A cabin of a long haul trucker

Music System
Music System

Your cabin is not less than a home away from home. Millions of songs are just a click away now. Enjoy the music at your favorite volume level. No more noisy atmosphere, it is your choice. You might have enjoyed yelling on friends on CB, as an old school trucker. Turn radio channels, stay connected with trucking news, the world while earning behind the wheel. Have breakfast in Ohio and dinner in Tennessee. Is not it a great job, no need to wait for microwave, just plugin and enjoy the hot meal.

Sleep, Spa, pools, and motels for truckers

Is not it looks like you are out for a picnic, yes you are? Depending on how much you want to save and spend. But you have a great chance of having a spa, gym, indoor games every day.  Enjoy the truck stops with gym, truck stops with indoor games and more.
Thanks to electronic logbooks, you have enough time for healthy activities every night. You are actually a traveler behind the wheel. Isn’t the life of a long haul truck driver is great?

Salary of a truck driver in Canada

A day as a local truck driver

—Start early in the morning around 5 am.
—Inspect the tractor-trailer, pick up the route deliveries and pickups from the dispatch and hit the road.
—Mostly, local truckers drive a different route every day, except the line haul, dedicated and food delivery drivers.
—Handbomb a lot, drive a little, sit in the traffic, deliver and pick up at multiple locations and drive back to the yard.
—Finish your paperwork, logbook, drop the trailer and park the tractor.

Life of a local truck driver is easier if you do not mind driving in the city escapes. The best is being home every day. There is a little difference in the earnings of a local truck driver and in the earnings of a long haul trucker. But still, you can make 6 figure income as a city driver also.

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