Top 10 high paying trucking Jobs

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Top high paying trucking jobs are:

  • Owner-Operator Income. $180K.
  • Ice Road Trucker Earnings. $20 to 30K per session.
  • Hazmat/Tanker/Livestock Hauler Income. $70K
  • Log Truck/Car Hauler/Flatbed/Overdimensional/Wide Load Hauler $70K
  • OTR Driver Pay. $65K
  • Gravel/Dump Truck Driver Salary. $55K
  • Shunter/Team/Local Truck Driver Income. $45K
  • Hotshot Trucker Income. $45K
  • Truck Driving Training Instructor. $35K
  • Truck Driver Recruiter Wages. $30K

Ice road truckers are best in earnings if we see top 10 high paying trucking jobs monthly. Ice Road Truckers can make up to $ 30,000 in three months’ season. To be an ice road trucker, You do not need any special endorsements on your CDL, But you need big courage, to drag big rig over frozen lakes.

1. Truck owner-operator income.

Transportation and flatbed owner operators earn up to $ 180,000 per year. Owner-operators are on top of the top 10 high paying jobs on the basis of gross income.
One disadvantage of having own big rig is, you may have to drive an old truck. because companies do not pay enough to afford a new truck. Second is sometimes you have to spend weekends in the yard or truck repair shop.

2. Ice Road Trucker’s Income.

Daring truckers are ice road truckers, these are on the top of top 10 high paying trucking jobs on a monthly basis. They earn around $ 30,000 in a three month season. Ice road trucking season lasts for 3 months, so the earnings listed are for one session. Ice road truckers are highest paid truck drivers in the world.

3. Hazmat/Tanker/Livestock Hauler

Tanker hauler income
B-train hauling Fuel at a Gas Station

Qualified Hazmat / Tanker / Livestock truck driver also earn good paychecks. You need to exercise extra safety procedures in such jobs. Some endorsements on CDL and cards such as a TWIC card, a fast card, etc. are mandatory for tanker driving jobs.
According to, the average wage of a tanker driver is $70,000 per year.

Local fuel haulers are also making good money, but it is hard to drive B-train in city.

4. Log Truck / Car / Flatbed / Overdimensional / Wide Load Hauler’s Income.

Having some load securement skills can make you a flatbed driver. Flatbed drivers make about $ 65,000 per year.
Overdimensional and wide load drivers are even paid more, but it is hard to drive a load hanging out of lanes.
In Ontario, the average salary of an over-dimensional driver is $30 per hour
Transportation jobs are not easy to find, the average earning of a car hauler in Canada is around $ 70,000 per year.

5. Over the Road Driver’s Salary.

Long haul dry van/reefer driver can make up to $ 65,000 per year driving 3000 miles per week.
You only need a CDL for OTR trucking jobs. No additional cards needed.
You must be 21 years old to obtain a CDL.

6. Gravel/Dump truck driver.

No doubt, gravel and dump truck driving is seasonal employment, but these are well-paid jobs. Dump and gravel truck drivers make earn about $ 60,000 per year working 9 months.

Read more about how to get a license in Ontario.

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7. Shunter/Team/Local Truck Driver

Shunt/OTR team/local truck driver
Shunt truck in the truck yard

This category is most favorite in the list of top 10 high paying trucking jobs. Except team drivers, local drivers and shunters home every day.

Mostly, trucking starts from team driving. Some trucking companies hire new drivers, send them with trainers.

It is difficult to live in the truck with an unknown, but you can make about $ 55,000 each year.

Local truck drivers also earn the same as team drivers. As a local truck driver, you always making money at the same pace even sitting in the traffic and waiting on loading/unloading sites.

Income wise, shunt drivers also same as local truck drivers, but shunters,  stay in the yard and make money swapping trailers.

8. The income of a Hotshot trucker

Hotshot trucking is an emerging trend. Hotshot truckers pick those loads, tractor trailers do not pick. You are your own boss as a hotshot trucker.
Hotshot truck drivers make $ 1.20 per mile on an average basis. According to, the average income of the hotshot trucker is $ 45,500 per year.

9. Truck Driver Training Instructor.

Truck driving training instructor job is also a good earning trucking job. It is hard to be a truck driving training instructor, you have to obtain an instructor’s license.
According to, training instructors earn $ 22,500 to $ 51800 a year.
Here’s a helpful link to get the Driver Training Instructor`s license

10. Truck Driver Recruiter

Every job in trucking is not driving. Some office jobs are also there like a trucker recruiter. Sorting resumes, sending invitations, checking CVORs never going on the road with a big rig, truck driver recruiter earns around $35K a year. Driver recruiters fall at the end of the top 10 high paying trucking jobs, but it is not a driving job.

Start anywhere, work hard, keep your CDL safe and stay safe on the roads.

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