New or Used Truck, Which is better?

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Thinking of to buy a big rig, it is great fun buying used one because it is more challenging then brand new. New trucks have their own feel and benefits, but as per experienced owner operators, buying used truck is good for fresher. There are so many other reasons also to buy a used tractor trailer.

Why to buy a used truck?

If you are a professional truck driver and thinking of buying yours first time, than going for used one is worthy. No doubt it may cost you maintenance, but you are putting less money in risk. You can easily switch back by losing a little. Even if you want to change your carrier later on you can do it. You will gain a good experience running it and fixing it, after having some experience go for new one. Another reason is to buy a truck for business.
When you have decided to purchase a used truck, probably the first thing you will do is to search Search on Google for:

“Where to buy a used truck?” So, this article is answer to your question.

Cost vs Power

Coming back to our topic, lightly used trucks are also close to new ones and they are way cheaper. If you are spending 150000 on new one you can have almost similar but bit used for $100000. Some guys buy brand new trucks, run in team for three to four years then sell them on around half price. Experienced owner operators say that old ones are powerful and heavy built trucks. They pull better. Another reason is that old trucks have less sensors, so less problems. Lots of professionals prefer 2007 model or even lower. In old trucks there was no DPF, DEF and EGRs equals to no running problems.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is also to be considered. Newer trucks are winner here they run smoother and burn less fuel. As mechanical science is getting better engine efficiency and running also improving. If you want to stay longer in trucking and expecting longer work contracts then prefer a new one. Miles you want to run another fact to be considered, longer miles a newer is better because you do not want to pay for maintenance and heavy repairs.

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