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You need a daycab tractor for the local owner operator jobs. But,

Is it worth being a local owner operator?

Yes, It is good to become a city truck owner operator because.
1. I can home every day.
2. I can buy a truck with a minimum downpayment even for cash. No need to sign tricky truck loan agreements.
3. My family, relatives just minutes away, can rush to family in an emergency. Mostly, the city LTL owner-operators stay within the 160KM radius, so one can UBER home in any situation.
4. My towing and service call bills will not be bigger. Because I can drive to the mechanic if the problem is not that severe.
5. Truck Repair and maintenance costs comparatively low. As a local owner-operator, I don’t need to drive a thousand kilometers a day. I can survive sitting in the traffic and waiting on the loading and unloading docks. On average the city owner-operator drives around 300Km a day.
6. I do not need to drive longer on the iced highway in winter. As you know the snow plowers start in the city so the local roads always clear.
You need a day cab truck for the city owner operator jobs. So let’s look at the best day cab truck to buy for local truck driving jobs.

Which is the best day cab tractor for a local owner operator truck driving job?

It depends on such as
1. The companies hiring trucks for the city driving jobs. Like the company reviews, years in the business and availability of work.
2. What do you want to haul? Like Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Gravel or you want to haul the fuel.
3. The local owner-operator pay package like by the hour, mileage, switch or load?.
4. How many hours, miles a week you want to work?.
5. The type of work LTL, Full loads, switch work or shuttling.

The trucking company hiring local owner-operators.

The LTL, local trucking companies always hire city day cab owner-operators. Some LTL companies hire a straight truck and van owner-operators to pick and drop in city escapes. Read the trucking company reviews, history and try to connect to social media groups. Buying a Peterbilt, for a rookie trucking company, is not a great decision.
A 10-year old tractor is good for the local trucking company because you won’t be able to afford new models. Many local companies hire 2007 model tractors. A good used daycab truck will cost you around $20,000 except the Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Western Star trucks.

No sensors, no problems

The 2007 model or older trucks run smoother because of few sensors and no EGR, DEF, DPF problems. The DEF, DPF & EGR delete services are available in the market but there are severe risks are associated with it. But the best is, LTL trucking companies in the Greater Toronto Area accept the 2007 model tractors.
One of my friends is driving Kenworth for the short-haul job and it is 21Million miles on the odometer. He is thinking to buy the Kenworth again, so it depends on taste as well.

Which is a good truck to haul Dryvan, Reefer, Flatbed and Gravel loads in the city?

Top 10 high paying trucking Jobs
Top 10 high paying trucking Jobs

The Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star, and Mack trucks are good for the heavy haul loads. It is best to consider the local government guidelines before buying the heavy haulage tractors. No doubt the Volvo, Freightliner, International, and Sterling models also available in heavy specs, but not famous in flatbed, gravel, and heavy haulage. Volvo trucks, Freightliner and International trucks are economical for the short and line haul general freight jobs. It is not worth it pulling a 38’ local LTL trailer with Kenworth T800 and or with Peterbilt 379.
The availability of local truck mechanics and truck parts are more aspects encourage you to buy Volvo and Freightliner trucks for local trucking jobs.

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Which is the best semi-truck motor?

Professional truck drivers prefer CAT motors for all types of truck driving jobs. Mercedes motors are good for fuel efficiency, but not better than CAT and Detriot Diesel. Trucking experts say that the MBE motors produce less power and generate more service calls.
Trucking Company Requirements (color, year of the tractor, weight restrictions, etc …)
In addition, many companies also ask for a special color truck, such as if a company’s fleet is white, they will wear a white truck only.

How much does it cost to buy a day cab tractor?

Look in your pocket first, then go to the dealership. No doubt, there are easy truck loans available but you have to pay the installments. Truck loans are full of hidden payments, cancellation penalties and more gimmicks, so the best it to buy for cash. You can buy a good the best day cab truck for $20K to haul general freight.

Where to buy a used semi-truck?

A lot of websites selling heavy trucks. These websites are full of used truck inventory, best day cab truck reviews, market price analysis. Some private truck sellers also list in the truck for sale by owner directory listings. Another option is you can visit the local truck dealership. The benefit of buying a used semi truck from the dealer you can get a warranty emergency repair service packages. Some local truck dealers in Mississauga have a great inventory of used and new daycab trucks. You are lucky if you get a good deal on the used trucks from a friend because you know someone to blame.

Buying semi-truck on social media.

Facebook groups for business, Facebook groups commercial, Facebook, social media
Facebook groups for business, Facebook groups commercial, Facebook, social media

The Facebook market place, Facebook groups for truckers and other social media platforms are also a developing source of buying and selling. The biggest advantage of buying from social media is you can find the seller, the seller`s profile, mutual friends, public reviews, age of the listing and the number of listings by the particular truck seller. Some people sell trucks with the job, no doubt the upfront cost is a bit higher, but you can start the very next day.

The better than best day cab truck for the local owner operator jobs.

If you are a company driver or driving for an owner-operator and you got a chance to buy the same truck you are driving now, nothing takes precedence over that. Because you know the truck how it runs, how many times it wants to see the mechanic in a month, the history of the truck, etc. I won’t hesitate to spend some extra on the truck I drove so far.
We have some social media groups, you are welcome to join and post used trucks for sale. We have some trucks for sale on our website. You are welcome to advertise or browse the inventory on our website and get the benefit from 1K/Daily trucker visitors.

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