List of Visa Requirements for Truck Drivers in Canada 2019

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List of Visa Requirements for Truck Drivers in Canada 2019 are

  • Valid Passport (Renew it if it is expiring in 6 months).
  • Offer letter from Potential Employer, try to find out trucking companies in Canada.
  • Proof of English Language Skills, IELTS, C-Lib.
  • Clean criminal record.

When you are planning to migrate to Canada, the join as a truck driver is a good option for newcomers. Where it gives you a chance to roam around the Country, where it pays a good salary. But there are some visa requirements for truck drivers, which one have to meet before receiving a Canadian Visa, which is as follows:

Age Limits for the visa as a truck driver

One must have age not less than 25 and not more than 55 years. But the preferred age is 25 to 45 years by the trucking companies because drivers of this age are more active and respondent. Also, they have good health conditions like eyesight, powerful body, proper sleep, etc.

Clear police record

Police record matters a lot. If you have a clear police record and no criminal activity is listed in your citizen record, only then you are eligible.

The insurance record must be clean

There must be a clean insurance record. In other words, you have not met an accident in previous times and your driving record should be good.

Temporary employment offer letter from the employer in Canada

This is the job Offer letter issued to the beneficiary (Seeking Visa) by the employer i.e. trucking company or truck operator. The employer has to take prior permission from Canadian immigration to issue job offer letter as a truck driver to the beneficiary. These days, lots of frauds are in news on the name of the temporary employment offer letter. So, be aware of such frauds and make sure about the background of the employer.

Companies like SGT2000 and Transx hire foreign drivers.

Temporary Foreign Work Permit from Human Resources and Skill Development of Canada

A work permit is issued by the Human Resources and Skill Development of Canada to the beneficiary after completion of documentation. Prepare your application to the documentation requirement given in the following links.

Prepare a good truck driver resume according to truck driver job duties in Canada

Apply for a work permit outside of Canada

Commercial Driving license

To get a commercial Driving license, you must have a G or Class 5 license in Canada. In British Columbia, you must have 2 and a half of experience of driving. Then you have to pass a written test for Traffic Rules and signs. After that In-class training and On-Road training is provided by a certified instructor. Then you need to book a Road test with Drive Test Center. On qualifying this test, a Commercial Driving License will be issued to the beneficiary.

Best to get a driving license and insurance record verification from your local Ministry of Transport office before landing as a truck driver in Canada.

Truck driver license


Above are a few most important factors, which you should take care at the time of seeking a Canadian VISA as a truck driver

Find out more information about Temporary foreign worker program in this link.

Here is a link when TransX visited Berlin to recruit drivers

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