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Health in Canada

Canadians are healthy people. Canada’s Air Quality Index is the best in the world, that is, the cleanest air in the world is in Canada.

Canada WHO profile

Best air quality and water give Canadians a long life. the life expectancy of women in Canada is 84 years and men is 80 years.

Most of Canadians die with cancer, otherwise no major infections here.

Social life and multiculturalization in Canada

Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal are multicultural cities. People from almost every country are living in these cities.

People are working five days a week and weekend goes in, backyard, cutting grass, groceries and snow plowing.

Social safety is ok but not the best. According to the following link, 96 murders were reported in Toronto in 2018.

The economic condition of people living in Canada

Mostly, people are living check to check, no savings. Everybody looks miserable, the income and expenses are almost equal. People have facilities here but on debt. According to the insolvency report, 50% of Canadians are only $200 away from bankruptcy.

Canada’s richness is not for the common man, it is for banks, builders and other business establishments. The corporate world is similar here to developing countries. Canada is high in taxes. It second expensive nation in the world for phone and internet.

When you get older in Canada, you may need to work, because living expenses are increasing every second and earnings are decreasing. Many retired people work here. The inflation does affect the rulers, but the common man. Food, clothing, housing, and life amenities are going away from the common man one by one.

Jobs in Canada

Jobs are available in metro cities, not in rural areas. People drive to work 50 kilometers on an average.

Not everyone is happy at work, people do multiple jobs to afford. Governments cutting the budget on public benefits, schooling, and healthcare. The public sector is squeezing, the private sector is growing.
A truck driver working 50 to 60 hours a week, can afford just a life. Think of a factory worker who is earning less than 50% of the truck driver.
In Toronto, the condition of the general laborers is very bad, they cannot meet the basic needs with their earnings.

Life of a landed immigrant in Canada

Canada is a dream for people from developing countries because it is advertised in this way, in fact, it is not like a dream. Life in Canada is hard, people work like machines, and there is no time, no social life.
Nothing remains in your pocket after taxes, bills, mortgage, and installments. Good earning franchises are not available to the public.
But as an immigrant, you can establish yourself here working hard.

How much does it cost to live in Canada?

You cannot afford any living standard working on minimum wage in Ontario. Here is the simple mathematics
The minimum wage is $ 14 / hour
Your average monthly income is $ 1950
Now your expenses
Rent = $ 1000, food = $ 450, transportation = $ 250, other expenses = $ 50, household items $ 100, clothes = $ 50 so $ 1900 total. Think about entertainment, cars and holidays.

You cannot save a penny for your future. You can only survive if your job lies with the availability of transit. How you can think about a family, that is why staying single is trending here.
If you are a family, the situation is even worse. Both of you will be working to afford food and rent, not to enjoy Canada.

Your earnings = $3600 max
Now your expenses
Rent $1200, clothing $100, food $600, phone $150, transit $500, insurance $200, household expenses $200, TV  and internet $100. The total is $3100. So may not be able to save more than $500 a month. How you will pile up the downpayment for a dream home. Still, there are some cheap and affordable areas to live in Canada.

Where is the cheapest way to live in Canada?

The cheapest place to live in Canada is Alberta. Ontario is good for jobs. Cities like London, Kingston, and Kitchener in Ontario are affordable and good for work. According to the report of, Oakville, Ontario is the best city to live in, but the homes in Oakville are very expensive and away from working income.

The good thing is live anywhere, work anywhere you will be eligible for old age pension on certain conditions after the age of 65.

Canada`s Weather and Environment

Canada is filled with lush green meadows, forests and freshwater lakes, a great effort of governments and citizens.

There are four seasons in Canada. The spring season lasts from March to May. In spring, the temperature stays between 1 to 10 degrees. In the spring the snow melts and the grass starts getting green.
The summer season is best for life in Canada, it lasts from June to September. The maximum temperature in summer goes up to 35 degrees. In Northern Canada the summer season is small.
Autumn comes after summer. It lasts for two months. In autumn, the temperature starts cooling down and the frost arrives.
The winter lasts from December to February. The temperature drops to -40 in some areas in northern Canada.

This is the reality at ground level, still, Canada is the best, you can earn, eat and survive here.

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