Jobs For Newly Licensed Truck Drivers

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Trucking Schools vs real time driving

For Newly Licensed Truck Drivers, it is a fun game as well as challenge, when you get your license and start hunting. Everybody will be asking your driving experience because mostly it is different on the road then taught in schools, did schools lie you, may be up to some extent. Schools teach you just to have a license, do not make you a professional truck driver. While in school you are on local roads and most of the roads they choose is industrial area, quiet traffic zones, just drive straight and almost no tight turns. But when you are behind the wheel and start earning things totally change, traffic comes in, tight turns, bad weather, bumpy roads and backing up on tight docks. To prepare for all these lots of big fleets are offering hands on training. So your first target is getting hired in a big carrier who offers hands on training.

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Prepare a good resume. Add customer service skills you have and highlight working habits. If you have a good resume it will be picked up by recruiter, computer or job hunt site. At this time experience is secondary. Try to write a good positive resume. Avoid the words like truck driver with no experience instead use newly licensed truck driver or recent graduate. You all need to highlight like how you was at your previous job, how many jobs you changed in last years, tolerance, punctuality, safety at work, reliability and behavior with colleagues. Trucking companies prefer safe young candidates and expect you to stay long time with them.

Study and skills

There are some companies hire recent graduates truckers. They give hands on training and brush up your skills. Most of the big fleets have dedicated trainers and they are not dictated by insurance companies also. But most of them give you a job only if you sign a contract to work with them at least 2 years. For contract they also give you sign on bonuses, tuition reimbursement and uniforms.

For beginners

Another aspect behind the big carrier is choice of work they have. Since you are a new driver, choose work with more driving on open roads then in tight traffic. Long haul routes will be good option for you. It is better for new immigrants obtain US visa and work because companies prefer newly licensed truck drivers with valid US visa. Look for job fairs in your area, mostly in summer there are lots of job fairs for truckers.


Try to choose options with long driving and van or reefer work do not go for flatbed, tanker or trains. You can try when you are comfortable with tractor trailer. My next advice is consider the season also, try to start trucking in summer, you will become more comfortable behind the wheel before winter comes.

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