How to Immigrate to Canada as a Truck Driver in 2020

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Immigrate to Canada as a truck driver in 2020

Canada is a favorite destination for all immigration seekers. Popular Canadian visas are Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Super Visa, and Permanent Residence and work Visa of Canada. The student visa of Canada is top-performing and the best legal way to enter Canada as a foreigner.
There is no special visa to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver, still, people coming as students and visitors but applying for permanent residency as truck drivers. The temporary foreign worker program(TFWP) allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers.

How is the truck driving in Canada?

The truck drivers in Canada transport goods on local, urban, interprovincial and international routes. Truck drivers are categorized under National Occupation Code (NOC 7511) in Canada. Truck driving is not an easy job. You have to keep on driving despite snow, inclement weather, rain and nights. Highway drivers stay away from home for days, weeks, but, makes around 50k to 75k a year.
You have to drive trucks and follow the highway traffic act. The average salary of a truck driver in Canada is 55k to 75k a year.

Find out more on truck driver salary on

Top 10 high paying trucking jobs in Canada

North American trucks are quite comfortable to drive, thrive and explore the world. Truck driving is a great profession for travel passionates, drive trucks and travel the cities like Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary, etc.

The demand for truck drivers in Canada.

Long haul truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. The average age of a truck driver in Canada is 48 and rising, making the oldest workforce in the sector. The Canadian trucking companies hire foreign workers to meet the gap. But who these foreign workers are? students and visitors, not people living outside of Canada.

There are more than 2700 trucking jobs are here in Canada as per job bank, the province wise breakdown is as follows.

CANADA = 2,722
Quebec = 986
Alberta = 448
Ontario = 484
British Columbia = 432
Saskatchewan = 122
Manitoba = 113
New Brunswick = 60
Nova Scotia = 42
Prince Edward Island = 24
Newfoundland & Labrador = 9
Yukon = 1

Truck driver immigration pilot program

There is an Atlantic immigration pilot program for the truck drivers, but with a job offer. Here is the link to find out more on Atlantic immigration pilot program

The following are the basic prerequisites to apply for the truck driver pilot program or a work permit.

A valid passport.
A job offer from a Canadian employer
Proficiency in the English language(meet the IELTS band requirement for truck drivers in Canada, C-Lib, etc).
Clean Criminal Record.
Truck Driver License.
Experience certificate, job letters, pay stubs, etc.

How to become a truck driver in Canada from India?

As I explained earlier, there is no special visa to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver. Either, You have to qualify under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or apply in express entry program. Nowadays, people coming as students or visitors and getting a work permit and permanent residency as a truck driver.

All you need to find a legitimate employer or a trucking company hires foreign truck drivers. Once you got a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can apply for a or work permit or permanent residency. The best way to find a Canadian employer is to keep an eye on various recruitment drives of foreign truck drivers in Canada.

Truck driver immigration frauds

No doubt, you guys will grab all the documents, but the biggest challenge is a real job offer, the pay good enough to attract a Canadian worker, working conditions and company profile. Immigration lawyers, firms. consultants and related persons, almost everyone will send you Canada as a truck driver overnight.

A few days ago, The Globe And Mail published the news of a trucking company involved in immigration fraud.

Globe and Mail article on trucker immigration fraud

But who knows, the sticker on your passport is valid or fraud. The best is to check everything online. Please read the article below to check whether your work permit is real or fake?

Verify your visa

The bitter truth of working as a foreign truck driver in Canada.

Now, you are satisfied with your visa, the next challenge is to work for bucks, not pennies. Beware of truck driver immigration frauds nowadays. Trucking companies hire foreign truck drivers on unbearable contracts, read them before signing. These trucking companies pay the minimum, or even nothing, charge you 20 to 50 grand and offer worse equipment.

My intention is not to discourage you, but to warn. Assess everything like driving conditions, command on English, job offer, earnings, expenses of living in Canada, the trucking company, and cultural ties. Read our trucking blogs and join our social media links to dig it more.

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am based in usa currently on work permit how do I emigrate to canada as a truck driver git 8yrs trucking experience


I need to relocate have 10 years expirience in trucking ,i m currently based in South Africa

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