How to become a Truck Driver in Canada

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What is an “AZ” or truck driver license?

A hard-working truck driver is still earning more than normal jobs even when trucking companies are going bankrupt overnight. The trucking bloodbath may be due to technology change, low freight rates, or higher insurance rates, but the one who wants to ship, have to ship.

So let’s look at how to become a Truck Driver In Canada? Especially, How do you get a truck driver license in Ontario?.  The procedure is almost the same to apply for a commercial driving license in all Canadian provinces.

The AZ license is called CLASS 1 license or Commercial Driving License in some other Canadian and US provinces

The truck driver license is the combination of “A” and Z. The letter “A” represents the driving class and “Z” is an endorsement to drive air brake equipped vehicles.

The minimum requirements for the “A” license in Ontario are as follows.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • The “G” license or equivalent.
  • Pass a vision test
  • Medical fitness test
  • The “A” license knowledge test or tractor-trailer driver knowledge test
  • Mandatory training from a ministry approved truck driver training school
  • Pass the road test on a tractor-trailer

1. At least 18 years of age.

You need to be at least 18 years to apply for the truck driver license.

2. The “G” license or equivalent.

The second requirement of the truck driver license G license or its equivalent. G license is also called CLASS 5 in some other Canadian provinces.
Read the following article to find out the information on how to obtain the “G” license.

The “G” License

Now that you have a G license, your first job is to get a “Z” endorsement. The “Z” endorsement is mandatory to drive vehicles equipped with air brakes.

How to get the Z Endorsement?

There are two ways to obtain the “Z” endorsement.

I. Prepare yourself and pass the air brake knowledge test and air brake practical test.

Air brake knowledge test. As you prepared for the G1 knowledge test, the same way you have to prepare for the Air brake knowledge test. You can download the helpful material, practice tests and read the air brake handbook online.

Air Brake Knowledge Test Sample Questions answers download and useful videos.

You can buy an official air brake handbook from the Drive Test Centre for $20. The passing mark of the air brake knowledge test is 80%. You have to pay a $16 examination fee for this test.
After the air brake knowledge test, you have to pass the Air brake practical test. This is a 7 step air brake practical test. You have to book this test, as you booked the “G” road test. Fees for air brake practical test is $50. Complete information on air brake practical test, downloadable material, and video is available in the following link.


Remember, fees are subject to change, please check this link for updated costs.

II. Air brake course from a certified school.

The second and best way to obtain the “Z” endorsement is a two or three-day course at the ministry authorized training center. The fee for this course is $300 to $500. You do not need to buy any book and you get a great chance to completely understand the working of the air brake system. This course is very useful throughout your trucking carrier. Training centers conduct the written and practical exams.

Now you are one step ahead of “G” license holders. Because you got “GZ” and you can drive pickups, vans and other “G” license vehicles equipped with air brakes.

3. Medical fitness report.

You have to pass a medical fitness test to drive trucks. You can get a medical fitness test done at any clinic for about $50. Just go to any walk-in and ask the doctor for a medical fitness report for a truck driver license.

4. Pass the vision test.

Now you have a medical fitness report, you need a vision test. The vision test is taken at the Drive Test Center the same day you pass the knowledge test for the “A” license.

5.The “A” license knowledge test or tractor-trailer driver knowledge test.

The passing score for the truck driver license knowledge test is 80%. The official ministry of transportation truck driver’s handbook is available here.

You can buy a hard copy from any drive test center for $20. Sample questions and answers for truck driver license knowledge test or “A” license written test are available on the following links. Remember these are sample question answers not actual.
Go to any drive test center for the “A” license written test. You must have a Medical Fitness Report, a G License, and pass a vision test to attempt it. This test will cost you $23.75.

Online practice tests

6. Training from Truck Driver Training School approved by the Government.

After passing the written test, you need to pass the truck driver road test. For the road test, you need hands-on training from any ministry accredited truck driving school.

A list of ministry accredited schools available here.

Truck driver training costs a minimum of $5000 these days. The training school will teach you in class and hands-on driving training.
Nowadays truck driver training schools finance you. You don’t have to quit your job to get training, because morning or evening classes are available in almost every school.

7. The road test.

Do not worry, drive the tractor-trailer as you drove in the training school.
You will be asked to perform

– Tractor-trailer inspection.

Tractor Trailer Pre-Trip Inspection

– Coupling and uncoupling.
– Drive tractor-trailer safely on the road.
– Backup in the designated area.

Now you have an AZ license, make a good truck driver resume and start searching the jobs.

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Thanks for your very interesting presentation. I wish I could get the driver training school finance as I am very interesting in driving a truck. If any opportunities please don’t hasitate giving me the chance.


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