How to be a Truck Driver in Canada

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Truck drivers earn a good salary. But they work very hard, work longer hours, stay away from home a long time and face all types of roads and bad weather conditions. Everyone wants to be a truck driver. Nowadays it is hard to get a license because it is costly and needs a lot more time in-class hours and hand on training. Here is some explanation about how to become a truck driver in Ontario.

Getting ready for the truck driving course

It is hard to pay driving school fees and spare time for the course. For beginners or new immigrants, the best way is to do an afternoon shift job and attend truck driving school in morning. So that you can do your survival job and complete truck driving training course. Learning in morning is good because you are fresh and not tired of the job. Truck driving schools in Canada also help you with financial needs. Either they finance you or accept payments in installments.

Selecting a Truck driving school

There are lots of truck driving schools available in Canada. The reputation of your trucking school plays a big role in the job search. It is best to select truck driving school who train on standard transmission tractor, because if you able to drive standard transmission you can drive automatic also. Most of the driving schools teach you backing up in open space, but it is better to learn backing up on docs, tight spaces and in trailers. Your target is to learn truck driving, not just passing MTO exam.

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Nowadays most of the trucking companies hire new drivers also, provideyou hands ontraining and reimburse your tuition fees. All these if you sign an agreement to work for them for up to 2 years.

MTO test day

No doubt, you will be nervous but think about the day going to change your life. Drive as you taught to drive. Focus on driving safely, no rush, you are empty, no need to reach anywhere quicker.

You will be asked to

  • Perform a circle check. Name the components you are checking and speak clearly about their condition.
  • perform the coupling and uncoupling of a tractor-trailer.
  • Back up in a designated area. Go out to look at, safely monitor your blind spots because situations may change in seconds.
  • Drive safely in a traffic area. Always put the safety on top don’t rush, be active, not nervous. Examiners monitor your safe driving, safe maneuvers. Do not worry about grinding gears

Now you are on the top because you have a great license in hand. Your license is a privilege, not your right. It remains with you as you keep following laws. The next fun is to choose a good work. Everybody is hiring professional truck drivers.

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