How much a truck driver can earn in Canada?

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How much a truck driver make?? Everybody have this question, no doubt, professional truck drivers earn very good, but scarifying a lot more, home time, kids, food, health, weather and road conditions, home sickness etc. but still it is very good job to do, do it safely. Lets have a look on category wise income of truck drivers.

Income of Local Truck Drivers

Local truck drivers earn about 6000 a month before all deductions, working around 70 hours a week. 6000 looks good but what about 70 hours, if you are working in day shift you might start around 4 to 6 am and finish by 6 to 8 pm. To start at 4 am you need to wake up around 3 am. When you finish at 6 pm you reach home around 7 pm. You can’t switch yourself off and sleep immediately, need to eat, shower and play with kids, usually you sleep around 10 pm and after 5 hours of sleep again wake up at 3 am. This circle continues for 5 days a week. For me it is very tough to work full day after 5 hour sleep only. You need at least 8 hours sleep, but you cannot you are scarifying your health. Most of local truckers wants legal hours to be capped to 10, so they can have more time to rest.

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Income of Highway Drivers

Highway drivers make a bit more and can save travel time. Most of them make around 7000 a month running 12000 miles.To reach 12000 miles you need to drive minimum 1000 km a day, which is 11 hours of continuous driving. Longer sitting stamina required to achieve this.So they drive whole day whereas local drivers may enjoy a nap while loading or unloading. Being on road whole day, more exposure to road and weather conditions. Apart from this highway truck drivers eat fast food which may be dangerous to health.


As a professional trucker, you are the boss, you can adjust your income as per needs, more miles you pull more you earn. Great freedom of earning. People enjoy it lot going to different places, different roads weather and sceneries. Exploring the world while earning. Now a days new trucks are lot more comfortable to driver, sit longer periods of time and good entertainment facilities available. The biggest advantage is trucks are very safe, if you involved in a collision, most of the times you are safe, because sitting on the top and have heavy equipment. I just say enjoy being a road soldier and drive safe. Trucking companies always hiring professional and safe truck drivers.

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