Hiring Truck Drivers

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The requirement of truck drivers

Everyone is looking for professional truck drivers, either part time or full time. You can see advertisements on almost on every trailer. In North America, almost 30% more truck drivers needed. Companies are looking for full time or part time people in this field and the demand for this profession is increasing day by day. Lots of companies tried alternate driving methods like auto driving trucks, but almost all have failed to date. Maybe technology or infrastructure is not reached at the required level.

Hiring process

The hiring process is hunting truck drivers based on driving, customer service skills, interview, criminal record check, road test, and orientation. Depending upon the company, it takes one to three weeks from job application to put someone behind the wheel. The application process is not that much longer or complicated, reference checks and orientation takes some time. Another factor for the length of orientation is the type of driving job. These orientation program takes almost 3 to 7 days to hire a flatbed truck driver. Reference checks are also a major part because experienced truck drivers always needed.

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The shortfall of good drivers

Because of the shortage, lots of companies are offering hands-on training to newly licensed truck drivers if you meet age, health and driving record requirements, you will get a job soon. Most of the large carriers are always hiring even recently graduated truck drivers. Small carriers have fewer choices on this because they are tightened by insurance providers with dictated hiring rules. As a general rule, most of the fleets need at least two years of professional driving experience.


Large carriers win in hiring because insurance companies give them a large ground to play. As a small fleet but I do, my equipment is also waiting for someone to sit on the seat. For the small carrier, it is better to retain what they have, offer better perks & pay and make a good family type relations with drivers. Hence mostly big fleets have human resources person to hire drivers and they are under pressure to grab people. So, a newly licensed driver may be lacking behind due to less driving experience but on the top with customer service, will get hired. It depends on the type of work, if you are hiring a driver to deliver 20 calls a day, then you need to look at customer service skills.

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