Hiring truck drivers using Social Media | A Pro Guide

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Facing problem in hiring good truck drivers or you are a driver and searching for a good job?

This article is a pro guide to hire truck drivers over social media.

  • Firstly, there are jaw-dropping facts, which you may not be aware of social media and trucking.
  • Then there is the importance of establishment as a brand over social media.
  • And at last, there is a list of steps for hiring a truck driver over social media.

So, read carefully and lead the trucking industry by hiring drivers like a pro

Internet in every hand

As we all know that the internet is one among the primary needs of a human being, especially in developed countries. There are 4.2 billion internet users worldwide. With the evolution of smartphones, use of internet reached to next level and people started using the internet in their day to day life.

Now a day nobody asks his friends or family members to go someplace where he has not been in past. People use various internet-based maps apps for navigation. Even most of us don’t bother to remember the roads and routes, which they have traveled, but use maps again and again to navigate.

Social Media

As we have already mentioned the use of the internet reached the next level, so social media is the leader among the use of the internet.
As per reports by Brandwatch, there are more than 3.4 billion people who use social media and these are the active users.

There are 200+ Active Social Media platforms are reported worldwide, which are famous among the people and having a wide impact over the globe.

Few of which like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Whatsapp are some world’s most popular Social Media platforms.

Active User Per Month on Various Social Media Platforms
Active User Per Month on Various Social Media Platforms


Did you know? Each Second, about 6 people joins Facebook
Source: Brandwatch


Social Media is designed to keep people connected. So, every user is in touch with his likeminded community. There all of us share a different kind of information.

When talking about the trucking industry, according to our surveys, 81.2% of company Drivers and 72.6% owner operator use social media.


Truck Drivers who use Social Media vs Truck Driver who don't use Social Media
Truck Drivers who use Social Media vs Truck Driver who don’t use Social Media

So, it is clear that Social Media has a big impact on the trucking industry too.

Now, we can say that more than 75% of drivers use social media. The surprising fact is that 48% plus user are active users and spend more than 40 minutes every day over different platforms. Among this 48 %, most are between the ages of 18 to 45. This age group is the most demanded age group in our trucking industry.


14.4 Million Job Seekers Have Used Social Networks to Find a Job
Source: Jobcast


Shortage of drivers in the Trucking Industry

Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has claimed that the Trucking Industry is the biggest single employer of males in Canada. As per the report titled “Understanding the Truck Driver Supply and Demand Gap and Implications for the Canadian Economy” funded by CTA, 33,000 more truck drivers are needed by the year 2020 in Canada.
Where, day over day, it is getting expensive for the trucking companies, to recruit and train new drivers. So, companies have to find and adopt new methods to complete this demand. Even though ministry changed laws for cdl license, like cdl students have to spend more time in class and in cab training, still all new drivers are not industry ready.

So letus come to the point.

Why Social media is good for hiring?

Definitely, the first reason is its reach and the second is that it is almost free.

Also, it is also a one to one communication medium. So people can directly interact with you, which is very convenient for both of you.

Another big reason is referrals, which leads to stability. Definitely, you are looking for stable drivers. Are not you?

How trucking companies can use Social Media to recruit drivers?

Well, It is a big question that how trucking companies can use Social Media to recruit drivers?

Yes, we have a good answer for it, which is given below. This solution not only helps you reach the top of the hill but also gives you the way to do it with minimum effort.

Selection of Social Platform

When one has to live in a house or need to establish a business, he has to build a house or an office. Similarly, before you start the process of hiring through social media, you have to build a social channel.

If you already have more than two social channels open and have a good audience built over there then you can skip the next two points.
But I personally suggest spending a couple of minutes to read these two points. They can be helpful for you.

Now here another question arises. Question is that which platform is best?
And the answer is it all depends upon job location, type of vacancies, number of vacancies and a few other factors like Work hours, starting hours, distance etc.

You have to do a little research work that which social media platform is famous among the drivers in your area and what impact it has?
If you are lazy or clueless, here is the ready to eat cookie for you.

Start with at least two Social channels. First can be Facebook Page and another may be a LinkedIn profile

Why Facebook and LinkedIn?

Because Facebook is the most popular and open social media platform. As well, it allows demographic targeting, customized posting etc.

Best thing is that now Facebook provides inbuilt job posting facility and they are working on it to improve to a pro level.

LinkedIn is because people use it to hire and get hired. It is among top effective social hiring platforms and is lass with jobs and career features and tools.

Branding on Social Media

Without an audience, Social media channel is nothing more than a time-wasting mechanism. So build up your channel and mark your social presence.

Publish some of your information on Facebook page and LinkedIn profile at a regular interval of time. E.g. Once a week. A better way is to schedule your content using various tools available on the internet.

Post interesting material like news, make announcements, ask questions, post photos and videos etc. to connect and engage more and more people over social media.

Share it as much as you can, so that it can reach to your actual audience and people from the trucking industry can engage with your content.

You can do it easily, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire use for this purpose. Just contact us here.

Once your channels are up to the mark, you can initiate the hiring process.

Next question is how to hire?

Well, nobody wants filter spammers, ineligible, non-serious and irrelevant candidates. Similarly, no driver will bother non-serious efforts of hiring.

Be prepared and be specific. Use info-graphics to grab attention. Prepare a short but informative description of your vacancies. Must tell the user about the location of the job, nature of work, hours and days. It is better to reflect the idea of salary too, but it is up to you to disclose it or not.

How to post a job on Social Media

Here is a sample post (without branding), which we have designed for a trucking company and got an excellent response from the truck drivers.

Sample Facebook post for hiring truck drivers
Sample Facebook post for hiring truck drivers

Post the job-post on your page as well as post it in some Trucking Jobs related Groups and pages as well.

Following are the links of a few Facebook groups, where you can post your jobs.
Trucking Jobs Worldwide

Cons of Social media based hiring

Every coin has two sides. So Social media based hiring also has cons.

The biggest problem is non-serious or un-relevant candidates. But still, it takes less time and energy to filter good ones as compared to hiring through an agency or other mediums.

Another factor is trust. So, must go through the profile of a truck driver before you call him. Don’t forget to check the relevant documents. It is suggested to personally meet before final hiring.

It will make you a bit more clear about the person you are hiring.


Now a day internet is the best way to communicate with the other world.

And social media is the best source to reach people of your choice through the internet. So, it will be an effective way to complete the hiring process and lead the trucking industry.

To hire trucking staff through social media, the following are the important steps:

  • Build up at least two social channels. While carefully select social media platforms. Make it sure, that they are effective in your region as well as popular among the type of required audience.
  • Brand building is important. So, develop these channels and make a reach to the maximum of social media users. Post news, make announcements, ask questions, post photos and videos etc. stuff at regular interval of time to engage your users.
  • When you have a sufficient audience, start job posting. Be specific and target the right people. Better to mention no. of vacancies, duties, hours, miles, salary etc. It will help to cut the un-relevant contact backs.
  • Filter responses and shortlist good candidates.
  • Contact them and fix physical meetings.
  • Check the documents and all the past records carefully.
  • Finally, hire the required ones and hand over the keys to them.

I would like to listen from you, so comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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