Fitness tips for truckers

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Be a healthy trucker, eat, drink and walk in an organized way and follow fitness tips for truckers.

  • Change eating habits, eat calories you need, not taste or hunger.
  • Replace snacks with salad.
  • Drink lemonade hot water, whenever you drink, not sugary drinks.

I hope you control your weight by reading this article and become a fit trucker. So let us see…

Fitness Tips for Truckers

You can be a healthy and fit trucker changing eating habits, following a calorie based diet chart, replacing snacks with salad, drinking hot lemonade water instead of sugary drinks, and sparing time for exercise.

According to a journal of the American Dietetic Association, 86% of truck drivers are victims of obesity. The fitness of truck drivers depends on exercise and a good diet. To be a healthier truck driver, you need to spare extra time to exercise and use fitness tips for truckers to control diet. The time taken for exercise will pay you the whole life.

Reson of obesity in truck drivers

Eating habits, sitting for long periods of time, overeating, eating too many snacks, no exercise, lack of good sleep, are the main causes of obesity in truck drivers. The worse is instead of improving eating habits, people take weight controlling pills.

I have seen truck drivers weighing 400 pounds

One of my trucker friends, drive 10 hours a day eating spicy snacks, obviously, he will gain 400 pounds soon. He promised every evening to start exercising tomorrow onwards but tomorrow has yet to come.

I showed him a stout driver whose tractor was leaning to the driver side.

I first want to discuss diet because, according to a fitness trainer Jay, the easiest way to control obesity is diet.

Diet starts from eating style, a good way to eat is very important.

How to eat food?

Great way to eat healthy snacks is eating slowly. Jay said, “Put a piece of carrots in the mouth and chew at least 32 times before swallowing”. I think that’s probably why we have 32 teeth, not a joke, it’s true.
Our 32 teeth are to chew a mole 32 times,  But we do not even chew the whole meals 32 times. The moment we put a mole in the mouth, hands begin to search for the next, does not pay attention to one in the mouth, and swallow it.
The food we eat is not yet digested, and we start searching for the container of snacks. That`s how our hands work behind the wheel.
So to get rid of obesity, the eating style needs to be changed.
Take 15 minutes to eat 100 pounds of food, so your liver has to work less.
Secondly, the amount of food intake is directly affected by the addition in eating time, as a result, we eat less.
Increasing eat time provides relief from lever and obesity problems.

When to eat food

According to fitness trainer J., in 12 hours, at most, eat 4 times, 3-hour interval in each meal. Meanwhile, our liver burns the stored fat while waiting for the next food time.

What to eat

When you are hungry you do not take care of speed and nutrition. You are happy to swallow because something is going in your mouth, you do not care how many calories you have eaten. The hunger has controlled your brain.

An example of the halted hungry brain is

When the snake gives birth to babies, she is in a mother’s love. But soon after birth, she starts to eat their children, because the hunger has closed her mind and regardless of her children she is eating.

How much should we eat?

How much food should we eat in a day, it depends on the calories required in one day, not on hunger or taste.
Do not eat with hunger or taste, spit it out if it tastes.

What is a calorie?

A calorie is a unit of energy. The amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of 1 gm to 1 degree Celsius is called a calorie.

How many calories do we need in a day?

We need calories according to our work.  3500 calories make a pound of weight, so if you eat 3500 extra calories every week, your weight will increase a pound a week.
So it is very important to find out how many calories a trucker needs a day.

The formula to find out how many calories I need in a day is as follows.

(X * 10) + (X * 3) = Calories We Need A Day

Here X is our weight.

How many calories do we need in a day as a truck driver?

As a trucker, if I’m 195 pounds, I need 2535 calories to stay at 195 pounds.

(195 * 10) + (195 * 3) = 1950 calories + 585 calories = 2535 calories.

As a warehouse employee, if I packing all day, then I need 2925 calories a day to stay at 195 pounds.

(X * 10) + (X * 5) = (195 * 10) + (195 * 5) = 1950 calories + 975 calories = 2925 calories.

If I am sweating all day at my work, then I need 3,900 calories to stay at 195 pounds.

(X * 10) + (X * 10) = (195 * 10) + (195 * 10) = 1950 calories + 1950 calories = 3,900 calories.

How many calories are there in our daily intake?

As we have seen above, we need at least 2535 calories a day to stay at the current weight. After reading the calorie chart you will know how many calories you are taking in one day?
After reading the calorie chart, you will be able to prepare a grocery list for truck drivers.

Dark coffee = 3 calories.

Usually, we do not drink dark coffee, we drink regular, with one sugar (70 calories) and one milk (50 calories). Drinking two cups of coffee a day will accumulate about 250 calories.

Bread (1 piece) = 100 calories.

A simple bread contains 100 calories. Who just consumes simple bread, we add patties and dressings. If we eat a sandwich a day,  this will accumulate around 400(bread and calories in dressings) calories to our daily intake.

Cookie = 170 calories

A cookie contains 170 calories, and a cookie full of cream or jelly adds 250 calories to our daily diet.

Burger = 700 to 1000 calories

Most of us add two patties in a burger. So, two patties, salads, tomatoes, dressings, etc. add about 1000 calories to our daily diet.

Soft Drinks = 130 Calories

Soft drinks like coke have 130 calories.

A chicken breast slice = 150 calories.

We often eat chicken burgers at truck stops. A slice of chicken breast contains 150 calories A full chicken burger can add up to 400 calories to our daily intake.

Lean beef = 220 calories per pound.
A granola bar = 100 calories.
One bread nan = 200 calories.

If we add all, it becomes about 2800 calories.

To lose weight, we have to eat our food according to calories we need a day. To calculate your calorie needs, use the formula given above.

Healthy Snacks for truck drivers

As a truck driver, we often eat snacks while driving So also change your snack, eat carrots and spinach salads instead of sweet snacks.

Jay suggested adding these things to the grocery list for truck drivers.

  • Roasted chickpeas, beans.
  • Flax seeds, nuts, and walnuts.
  • Salads: baby carrots, celery, lettuce, sprouts, red peppers, etc..
  • Cottage cheese with flax seeds, and cinnamon.
  • Almonds covered in dark chocolate.
  • Replace yogurt with homemade yogurt. Mix berries, strawberries, in yogurt and enjoy.

Replace your spicy snacks with roasted chickpeas or green peas,  Make sure you buy raw and roast them at home. To add some taste to roasted chickpeas, mix them in mustard oil(1 tablespoon) and salt(1 tablespoon or more as per your taste).

Make an Apple Snack

Cut an apple into four pieces, put cinnamon on each piece and then close all the pieces, now put a rubber band on apple and eat it in lunch, it will be great.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ideas for

Truck Drivers

We all eat three meals a day. Track your calorie intake in all meals.

Breakfast Like the kings, lunch keeping a little hunger, and dine like a beggar.

Breakfast Tips for Truck Drivers

If you like sweet, then eat it at breakfast. Eat heavy food at breakfast. If you can control then follow healthy breakfast ideas for truckers like oatmeal, fresh fruits, yogurt, whole wheat toast, white eggs (by removing the yolk from the egg), cereal, cottage cheese, etc.

Lunch for truckers

Eat fresh vegetables at lunch. Vege trays are available in all food stores. Otherwise pack some carrots, celery, spinach, broccoli, from home.
Fresh fruit like apples, bananas, grapes is nutritious and good sources of vitamins. Increase your fruit intake at lunch.  Fruits also keep us hydrated.

Dinner Tips for Truck Drivers

Best is to eat less at dinner. Try an avocado sandwich with tomato, salad cabbage, etc. Use low-fat dressings in sandwiches and burgers.

Indian style for vegetarians, cottage cheese, pulses, nuns are the best choice.

More low-fat food ideas for truckers

  • Roasted broccoli with garlic.
  • Avocado sandwich, you can add tomato, lettuce cabbage as per your taste.
  • Chocolate covered banana pops.
  • Turkey wraps, Chicken sandwich with low-fat dressings (Light Balsamic Vinaigrette, Light Raspberry & Walnut are low-fat dressings).
  • lentils soups, pulses, naan are good options for vegetarians. Read salad dressing calories chart.

Above all are good dinner ideas for truck drivers to lose weight. Make a menu and start losing weight.

Other methods to get rid of excess fat without exercise

Drink hot water in the morning, not just warm, hot. Add 10 drops of lemon in 1 liter of water and drink every morning
Your fat will fly away in days. Compared to cold water, hot water is very good for drivers another way too, makes less urine. Control your hunger with hot water in meal gaps.

Do not drink sugary drinks, power aids, and carbonated drinks.

If you are fond of coffee, then drink black, decaf or regular. Stay away from French vanilla, hot chocolate, double double and cold coffee.

Jay also suggested to buy a portable scale, he said, anything measured regularly, gets controlled.

Food Containers

Jay recommends using glass containers for food instead of plastic. Food freshness is safer in glass containers. Plastic/rubber containers react chemically on food, which leads to health hazards. However, the biggest problem with most glass containers is that they do not fit into a cup holder. Use cup holder extenders for that.

Calorie Tracking Apps

Use Calorie Tracking App, Truck Exercise App, Active Trucker App. Apps motivate your moral and can keep track of calories.

By Jay

Jay is a personal trainer and nutrition advisor. He is also a professional driver(ACZ). He was a long haul driver and didn’t like the way he looked (245 lbs). He went to school to learn about training and nutrition. Now he is at 180 lbs. He has run 2 marathons and a  dozen half-marathons. He trains people and guides them to achieve their goals of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. He also drives full time in the city of Toronto. He could be reached at

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