Exercises for truck drivers

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What Are Easy exercises for truck drivers

  • Walking at least 35 minutes.
  • Shoulder exercises for truck drivers.
  • Chest, neck, and arm exercises for truck drivers.
  • Truck driver’s arm and palm exercises.
  • Back exercises for truck drivers.
  • Push-ups, tummy and thigh exercises.
  • Exercises while sitting on the driver seat.
  • Natural sleep.

Are easy and no investment exercises for truck drivers.

The above exercises are some simple and in-cab exercises for truck drivers. Walking, exercising and yoga will not cost at all, instead it will pay you the whole life as a healthy trucker.
You do not have to buy any equipment for doing the above exercises, except time.

Truck Drivers Health Statistics

In the United States, 1 in every 15 people is a truck driver, more than half of truck drivers are victims of obesity, which is twice the national average of obesity.
Around 87% of truck drivers are victims of hypertension.

To get rid of health problems, truck drivers need to pay attention to healthy eating and exercising.

Find out more about getting rid of excessive fat by dieting in a link below.

Fitness tips for truckers

So let us read about some easy exercises for truck drivers in this article.

Exercises given below are in one order and doing one by one will not create any muscular problems. All are evening exercises, so do these before going to bed.

Walking at least 35 minutes

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Jogging man

Truck driver must walk at least 35 minutes every day to stay fit.
In the morning, doing a pre-trip inspection, take two rounds of the tractor-trailer.
Whenever you stop along the route, take at least two rounds of the tractor-trailer. So you can stay safe and healthy on the road.
Do not park near the washroom while parking at the truck stop. A long walk to get to the washroom and the restaurant. This walk is helpful in two ways, contributing your daily 35 minutes walk, stretching and warming up your body before in cab exercises.
It’s ok to walk in the beginning, later on, you can start the running.

Shoulder exercises for truck drivers

Do the shoulder stretches after a walk.

Stand upright on the catwalk with the front wall of the trailer. Touch the whole body to trailer wall from head to toe. Hold the arms upside down and keeping hand and arm touched to the trailer wall. Move arms up and down at least 5 times.

This exercise is good for your shoulders, neck, and arms.

Chest, neck, and arm exercises

Stand on the catwalk facing trailer wall. Pull out right arm on shoulder height touching whole arm and palm to the trailer wall. Touch the left palm to trailer wall on shoulder height and rotate your back to maximum. Do the same touching on both arms.
Do this five times
If the thumb is facing down (means your palm is facing outward), it is good for the upper arm and chest, if the thumb is facing upward, it is good for the shoulder.

Exercises of arms and palms

Stand upright, spread arms at 90° palm facing out. Pull the fingers backward with the left hand. Exercise both arms will give you relief on palms and arms.

Back exercises for truck drivers

Stand up in the truck Keep your feet as close and equal as possible Now try to touch the toes with your fingers, tilting forward. You will get a lot of relief on your back
This exercise will also give comfort to your legs and thigh.
Do it 5 times.

Pushups, exercises for truck drivers, healthy trucker

Push-ups, tummy and thigh exercises

Do at least 10 push ups every day.
Lay down, lift up your legs and try to hold on at 120°. It is very helpful in getting rid of excessive fat.
Sit on knees, lay down forward, this is good for thigh and back.

Exercising sitting on the driver seat

Do not try anything when the vehicle is in motion.
You can do these exercises on the driver’s seat and the vehicle is stationary.
Hold the left armrest with both hands, then the right arm with both hands. you will feel some relaxation in the spinal cord.
Hold your neck from the back with folded hands, put pressure on hands, will relax your neck and arms.

Natural sleep is next important for good health

How to sleep naturally?

Try to get rid of bad habits for a good sleep
Stop using smartphones at least 2 hours before bedtime, experts say the picture of a smartphone stays in your brain for up to two hours and does not allow deep sleep.
Smoking is very bad for natural sleep. Tobacco is full of Nicotine, which is used to stay awake.

Following this article in your lifestyle, you do not need to search for truck stops with gym, use trucker apps.

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