Customer service and trucking

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Customer service and trucking are closely related to each other. Those who have both skills can make good progress in trucking easily.

As a truck driver, I go to the shippers and receivers every day, if I am humble to help my clients in loading unloading their loads, they will stay connected to my company for their transportation needs. My job and my company’s contract will also be safe.

Driver and shipper/receivers are the main link between trucking and customer relations.

Who needs more customer service skills?

Local truck drivers need more customer service skills then long haul truckers because they face around 5 to 10 customers every day. Local food delivery jobs are more than 30% hand bombing, 30% waiting on customer locations and 40% driving and sitting in traffic.

Customer service in trucking is give and take, shipper/receivers and drivers are answerable to each other.


Some shippers and receivers think that

  • Truck drivers do nothing than driving.
  • The driving is the cause of load damage, not how the load is wrapped and roads.
  • The reason for the delayed arrival is only the driver, not the weather and or traffic.
  • Our store is so easy to find, even though there lots of no truck routes and low bridges around.

The driver on the other hand

  • Should help the receiver in loading unloading and wait for the receiver.
  • If there is a delay in reaching delivery or pickup location for any reason, keep both companies informed.
  • Abide by all safety and traffic laws on the pickup/delivery location.

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Keeping customer service and trucking equal is great art. Great customer service in trucking can be achieved with clean looks, good language, practical promises, and clear communication.

I salute truck drivers, transport big loads from one place to another despite the weather, road and traffic conditions.

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Great content.
I appreciate your article very helpful.
Thank you for sharing your information.

Tineyi Cordwell Gwezere

Hi, i am a truck driver aged 43 years old and Zimbabwean. I’m currently working in South Africa, Durban driving a double diff truck and pulling a tri-axle trailer mostly loading containers and bulk cargo from the port and delivering to different clients in Johannesburg.
I got my Zimbabwean driving license in May 2007 and i have a South African work permit on my passport which is valid until December 2021.
I’m interested in relocating to Canada and work as a truck driver.