Must-Have Trucking Apps That Truckers Actually Use in 2020

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Nowadays, smartphones are part of our day to day life.  Beside basic features of phone like calling, texting, GPS etc, a number of apps are available on app stores. These apps can help you to plan things better and ultimately to save money. There are also hundreds of trucking apps to help truckers, owner-operators and fleet owners to help them.

Where trucking is considered the lifeblood of an economy because it keeps a constant flow of goods to every corner of the economy. Without this essential industry, the problem of food shortage can arise within 72 hours. As an integral part of the economy, a trucking career fascinates many people. The good news is that the demand for truck driving jobs in the UK is soaring at an exponential rate.

Besides, high and comfortable paychecks are among the reasons why people seem to be joining the trucking bandwagon left and right. So, here we’ve come up with some trucking apps to make life on the road more manageable.

Trucker Path

This legendary trucking app is on the top of our list because it is an all-in-one app that has all the trucking answers for you. With Trucker Path application, you can search for various information, including a decent truck stop to shower or rest, and truck parking spots in an unknown city.

The application has gained immense reputation in the industry because of some amazing features, such as fuel station locator, Truckstop locator, trip planner, weigh stations, and many more.

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uShip Mobile

You might have also heard about this trusted trucking application. For those who have just plunged into this industry, it is similar to eBay for transportation jobs. uShip, being the highly reputed transportation marketplace, lets shippers and driers to carry out transport jobs.

This trucking application supports both Android and iOS devices. So, whenever people post transportation job on the app, nearby truckers get access to the job details. After that, truckers can bid and set a price to get the job done. The shipper selects the best bid and set the deal.

From effective routes suggestions to view and manage shipments, this application serves many purposes. It is the reason why it is among the best apps for truckers.


The thought of bypassing weigh stations in the trips pops up in the minds of various truckers when they stuck in weighing lines. Thanks to Drivewyze trucking app, it is no longer in the realms of fantasy, but reality these days.

This application runs smoothly on both iPhone and Android. It helps truckers save a great amount of time and money by allowing them to bypass the majority of weighing stations legally and safely.

Drivewyze application puts truckers’ minds at ease by keeping them from the hassle of staying in legal limitations. This application, with a database of over 700 cities across 44 states, boasts that from short-haul to interstate trips. As per the trucking news, truckers can enjoy a 30-day trial of this application and continue with the paid subscription when finding it useful.


When it comes to connecting the trucking fleets to their dispatchers, the KeepTruckin app is a name to reckon in the industry. Due to this prominent trucking app, truck drivers can communicate with dispatchers effectively. Also one can send the live location to tell their accurate location at any given time. It leads to a more secure business for truckers and transparent for the consumers.

The days of filling up manual logbooks are long gone. Thanks to the advent of technology, electric logs have made it easier than ever to fill the logbooks. With the help of the KeepTruckin app, it is possible to understand who was at fault during an accident.

As the highest-rated ELD system app, it has been preferred by around 40,000 companies for their 500,000 drivers. The app is loaded with a plethora of innovative features. Some of these features are document management, proactive violation alerts, task recaps, and inspection report.


The previously discussed Drivewyze trucking app eases the most regular money losses happening in the logistics is fuel overpay. We have added the Fuelbook application on our top trucking app list because it suggests the number of gas stations providing the lowest fuel prices in specific regions.

Once set up the route, truckers can see all the truck stops along with fuel prices on the map across the route. Fuel discounts, live news, open parking status, a fuel card, and nationwide diesel prices are the features that make this trucking app stand out from others.


Last but not least, we have the iExit trucking application that is often called as the Fuelbook app on steroids. Similar to the Fuelbook application, iExit does it for every location during the route.

It means that truckers can run this application on their smartphones near any nationwide intersection to get recommendations. Recommendations with map pinpoints for different establishments on the interstate, such as banks, hospitals, gas stations, and restaurants.

Furthermore, this application shows various amenities, including playgrounds, parking spots for trucks, and even WiFi hotspots. iExit is like a specially designed google map considering the needs of truckers. Due to the high user-friendliness, this app is the best choice among many truckers.

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The Epilogue

There you have it! These were some must-have trucking apps that should use this year. So, next time you’re looking for ways to make your trucking journey profitable and more convenient, make sure you have got at least one of these apps installed on your smartphone.

If you are a trucker and know about another useful trucking apps, which are missing in the list. Please comment below.

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