AZ license knowledge test questions and answers test 4

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Q. What is a circle check?

A chance to stretch legs.
It is a government rule.
The circle is a vehicle body damage check.
A systematic check to find out the roadworthiness of the vehicle.

Q. Loads hanging 1.5 meters back of the trailer must be marked with.

Red light when lighting required.
No light or markings required.
Marked with amber lights every time.
Overlength loads are not allowed.

Q. Who can install wheels and tires?

Owner of the vehicle.
Certified installer.

Q. Vehicle will be impounded on violation even if.

It is rented or leased.
Borrowed from a friend.
Used for commercial purpose.
Used for any of above purpose.

Q. Standard dimensions of a trailer with load allowed in Ontario without special permits are.

53ft length, width 8.5ft, height 13.6ft.
52ft length, width 7.6ft, height 13.9ft.
46ft length, width 8.2ft, height 13.2ft.
65ft length, width 7.9ft, height 13.1ft.

Q. Which of the following is true about medical reports of commercial drivers

Due every 5 years up to the age of 46.
To be submitted every 3 years from 46 to 64 year of age.
Due every year at the age of 65 and up.
All of the above.

Q. Except double trailer combinations, the total combined length of the vehicle with load should not exceed?


Q. The allowed height of the vehicle is?


Q. The Ontario CVOR contains.

Inspections, convictions, violations, and safety rating
The driving record only.
Personal information of the driver.
Vehicle information.

Q. The gross weight is.

The weight of the load.
Combine weight of vehicle and driver.
Total weight of the vehicle.
Total weight of load and vehicle.

Q. You needs emergency warning devices for the emergency is at.

Night time.
Day time.
All the time.
None of above.

Q. Axles are inspected at weigh station for what?

All of the above.

Q. Owners must have inspected vehicle and trailer by licensed motor vehicle inspector every?

Six months.
2 years.

Q. You should measure the tire tread in.

One groove.
Any grove.
All grooves.
Any two adjacent groves.

Q. Who is responsible for the weight of the load.

Driver and operator.
Driver, shipper, and operator.

Q. Road test in Ontario can be taken at.

A tractor-trailer combination with three or more axles, equipped with air brakes
Any tractor trailer with airbrakes.
Four axle tractor trailer.
Any of the above.

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