AZ license knowledge test questions and answers test 3

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You can download AZ license knowledge test questions and answers test 3 pdf at the bottom of the page

Q. Which license is required to drive a tractor trailer in Ontario?

AZ license.
BZ License.
G license.
F License.

Q. 4 demerit points will be added to your driving record if you are convicted of.

Exceeding the speed limit by 30 to 49km an hour.
Following too closely.
Any of the above.
None of the above.

Q. Backup alarm devices are for.

Emergency vehicles only.
Reliving any criminal responsibility from the driver.
Do not relieve any criminal responsibility from the driver, you still need to go out and check.
Backing up without going out and look.

Q. 5 demerit points will be added to your driving record of a bus driver if the driver is convicted of.

Failing to stop at an unprotected railway crossing.
Overspeed more than 40km an hour.
Failing to stop on a stop sign.
Any of the above.

Q. 6 Demerit points will be added to your driving record if you are convicted of.

Careless driving and or racing.
Speeding over 50km an hour.
Failing to stop for the school bus.
Any of the above.

Q. You will be sent a  warning letter saying to improve your driving record on accumulating.

6 demerit points.
9 demerit points.
10 demerit points.
None of the above.
More information on the demerit point system is available at

How does the demerit point system work in Ontario?

Q. You must notify the ministry of transportation with in_______________upon changing your name and or address.

Five days.
Six Days.
A week.
15 Days.

Q. Class D license holders required to submit a medical yearly on or after the age of?


If you are at the age of 21 or under, your blood alcohol level should not be more than?


Q. One of the following is legal with your license but others are illegal.

Showing to a police officer upon request.
Lending to a family member.
Having more than one license.
None of the above.

Q. When you can drive under license suspension?

Only in the day.
in night time only.
Anytime on holidays.

Driver must stop at what marking before moving?

A painted white line.
The edge of the intersection.
Before the yield sign

Q. Criminal code violations convictions will stay on your driving license record for how many years?


Q. Driving while under the influence of drugs and or alcohol is _____________offense in Canada?

Careless Driving.
None of the above.

To obtain a commercial vehicle driver license, you should.

Learn from a friend who is a commercial driver.
Enroll in a certified and accredited driver training institution.
Any of the above.
Enroll in a properly licensed and certified driver training institution.

Q. A commercial driver going to transport dangerous goods must receive___________from current employer?

Proper training.
A paper.

Q. Which of the following action can be taken against your license if you fail or refuse to give urine, blood, breath sample when asked by the police?

Seven demerit points.
12 Demerit points.
License suspension for 7 days.
License suspended for one year.

Q. Another name for the crosswalk is.

Safety zone
Pedestrian crossover
Walking Zone

Q. If you have full AZ license, you can drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes and with gross weight.

5000Kg or more.
4600kg(10000lbs) or more.
Any of the above.

Q. Dangerous goods are classified into some classes, how many classes they are?


Driving a motorized vehicle on the roadway is.

Allowed anyway.

Q. What is the color of the school bus arm signal


Q. If you caught driving without an ignition interlock device and you have to be driving with that,   then your vehicle may be?

Impounded for 5 days
Impounded for 7 days
None of the above
Be impounded for 30 days

Q. A license may be suspended for how many days if a driver refuses to proceed to the weigh station


Q.Which license is required to drive a school bus?

D license.
Class AZ license
M license
Class B license

Q. You should check the braking within_______distance once your vehicle is underway


Q. A no standing sign along the road means.

You cannot stop and leave your vehicle.
You cannot park your vehicle
No stopping
No parking

Q. The weigh station is open and your truck must?

Enter the weigh station and stop for inspection.
Pass the weigh station.
Enter, but do not stop for inspection.
Enter and stop.

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