AZ license knowledge test questions and answers test 1

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Every commercial vehicle driver must carry a logbook when on duty. However, there are some exemptions. Logbook exemptions guidelines in Ontario are available here

Hours of Service Ontario questions.

Key points to remember.

Maximum driving time in a day in: 13hours.
Maximum driving time in a week: 70hours.
Cycle 2 120hours in 14 days.
Electronic logbooks also permitted.
Off duty hours in 24 hour period: 10hours.
Consecutive off duty hours: 8hours.
Cycle 2 reset time 72hours.
Maximum duty hours in a day: 16hours.
Logbook exempted in 160km radius but the driver must have last 14 days duty record.
Two work cycles: Cycle 1 70hours in 7 days. 
Cycle 1 reset time 36hours.
This is just informative material. Refer to the ministry of transportation Ontario link here for more information.

Q. Driver must carry a daily log of last?

14 days.
10 days from today.
70 hours.
120 hours.

Q. Drivers are exempted from log book if they drive within a radius of.


Q. Which of the following entries a log book must contain?

Driver name.
Start Odometer.
The cycle driver is using.
All of the above.

Q. Electronics schedules and reports are.


Q. In Ontario, a driver can drive a tractor trailer for how many hours in a day?

10 hours.
12 hours.
13 hours.
8 hours.

Q. How many off duty hours truck driver must take in a day.

8 hours.
9 hours.
14 hours.
10 hours.

Q. How many consecutive off duty hours a truck driver take in a day.

10 hours.
8 hours.
12 hours.
6 hours.

Q. Other than consecutive 8 off duty hours, a driver must take remaining off duty hours in blocks not less than.

1 hour.
15 minutes.
45 minutes.
30 minutes.

Q. How many maximum hours a truck driver can stay on duty in a day.

14 hours.
16 hours.
12 hours.
13 hours.

Q. On deferral duty, the total driving time in 2 days does not exceed?.

26 hours.
24 hours.
30 hours.
22 hours.

Q. Driver must not exceed 70 hours of driving time on cycle 1 in how many days?

5 Days.
10 days.
7 days.
6 days.

Q. Driver must not exceed 120 hours of driving time on cycle 2 in how many days?

11 Days.
10 days.
14 days.
12 days.

Q. Who must ensure that the drivers either follow cycle 1 or cycle 2?

Motor carriers.
None of above.
Any of the above.

Q. Driver must start a new cycle on cycle 1 after consecutive off duty time of?

36 hours.
26 hours.
14 hours.
16 hours.

Q. Reset period for cycle 2 is?

100 consecutive hours.
60 consecutive hours.
72 consecutive hours.
2 days.

Q. You can not drive a commercial vehicle on any public road after.

13hours of driving time.
14hours of driving time.
10hours of rest.
8hours of rest.

Q. You must sign the completed logbook?

At the beginning of your shift.
After 8 on duty hours.
At the end of your shift.
In the middle of the day.

Download or buy MTO driver`s handbook here

Download AZ License knowledge test questions and answers test 1 pdf from here.

AZ license knowledge test questions and answers test 2

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