AZ License knowledge test questions and answers test 2

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Q. A fatigued, tired or sleepy driver can be.

Good driver
Impaired driver.
Fast driver.
Slow driver

Q. If someone annoys you on the road, you must.

Educate them.
Honk on them.
Avoid them and diffuse the situation.
Call the police.

Q. You must pass a cyclist leaving the space between your vehicle and cyclist.


Q. Medical scooters or wheelchair users should be treated as.

Same as other vehicles.

Q. If you feel sleepy, fatigue, drowsy while driving you must.

Not drive.
Call your dispatcher.
Call your supervisor.
Take a coffee and continue.

Q. Bluffing is

Good driving habit.
Safe driving practice.
Squeezing through traffic safely.
Unsafe driving that may cause hazard.

Q. Viewing or touching handheld devices while driving is

Allowed when stopped at a light.
Completely prohibted when driving
Prohibited at home.

Q. Lights on police vehicles are.

Blue and green.
Red and blue.
Red and yellow.
Yellow and green.

Q. If two vehicle comes to stop at a four-way stop at the same time, which vehicle has the right of way?

The vehicle on the right.
Both vehicles ave same right of way.
The vehicle on the left.
Both should wait for anyone to proceed.

Q. A motorcycle in the side mirror appears

Faster and closer.
Slower and far away.
Smaller in size but faster.
No change.

Q. When you face the glare driving at night.

Look directly at the headlights of oncoming traffic.
Slow down and avoid looking directly on to the lights of coming traffic.
Judge the traffic speed and slow down.
Keep driving and turn on high beam.

Q. You can do all of the following except one if threatened by another driver.

Call the police.
Stay in your vehicle.
Lock your vehicle.
Make eye contact with other driver and show gestures.

Q. Failing to stop for a police officer or failing to remain on collision scene will result in _____demerit points.

Your lights should be____________in a whiteout.
Turned high beam on.
turned on at low beam.

Q. Even your blood alcohol level is under the presumed limit per 100ml of blood, still, you can be?

Charged impaired while driving.
Given warning by the police.
Continue to drive safely.
Refuse to the Breathalyzer.

Q. If you hit an animal while driving, you should

Keep driving.
Call your dispatcher.
Remove the animal from the road and continue.
Report to the local police and to the ministry of natural resources.

The collision must be reported to the police if?

It is minor damage.
If the vehicle or property damage exceeds $2000 and injuries.
Damage to the vehicle is over $500.
Injuries but no damage.

You must stop for a school bus approaching from any direction when?

The bus is on the road.
Alternate red lights are operating.
A bus is approaching a yield sign.
The bus is near the crosswalk.

A professional driver is expected to demonstrate.

Safe driving practice.
Follow a set schedule.
Good grooming standards.

Q. What is the meaning of ABC on a fire extinguisher?

A for wooden fire, B for Liquids, C for Electrical equipment fire.
ABC all type of fire.
ABC is a manufacturers label.
None of the above.

Q. What types of fires can be controlled by a class D fire extinguisher?

Any type
Fire on metal.
Fire on an oil barrel.
None of the above.

Q. A truck driver must inspect his/her vehicle at least once every?


Q. A driver should stop how far back from a stationary school bus?


Q. When you are close to downhill, you should.

Shift to high gear.
Keep driving in the same gear and speed.
Make the gear selection.
Check side mirrors.

Q. A driver should be prepared to stop for a school bus.

When school bust driver waves to stop.
During school days.
In evening time only.

Q. The vehicle in skid can be controlled by.

Easing off the accelerator, brake and slightly steering against the skid.
Braking hard.
Speeding up.
None of the above.

Q. What to do if your truck stuck on the railway track.

Use the differential lock.
Call the police from the vehicle.
Get out and away from the vehicle.
Try to get your vehicle out of tracks anyway.

Q. If you over bake your vehicle may?

Skid or jackknife.
Both of above.
None of above.

Q. How to get maximum mileage on the road?

Do not idle
Drive at Road speed
Drive in the correct gear.
All of the above.

Q. The differential lock must not be operated when

The vehicle is on the highway.
Driving on a gravel road.
The wheels are moving.
None of the above.

Q. How you should apply the brakes in normal conditions?

Apply the light pressure on brake padel, then increase as the vehicle slows.
Slam on the brakes and do not ease the pedal till vehicle stops.
Apply more pressure first and then pump the brake padel as the vehicle slows.
Apply the steady pressure on the brake pedal to slow down, then ease as the vehicle comes to stop.

Q. A police officer or ministry officer can inspect the commercial vehicle on the road

On daytime.
In summer.
If the driver agrees.

Q. The slow-moving vehicles travel at.

55 km an hour or less
60 km an hour or less
40 km per hour or less
None of the above

Q. What to do if you caught in a whiteout along your trip.

Drive with four ways on
Pull on the curb of the road
Continue at a slow and steady pace
Completely pull off the road and park safely.

Q. Tread depth on rear tires must not be less than.

2.0 millimeters.
1.5 mm.
2.2 mm.
None of the above.

Q. NSC (National Safety Code) carriers are monitored for safety by.

Police constables.
Ministry officials.
National safety code officials.
Each jurisdiction.

Q. As per st. Johns Ambulance`s recommendations every commercial vehicle must carry.

First aid kit
Water bottles
Fire extinguisher.

Q. What is the color of the school bus arm signal


Q. If you caught driving without an ignition interlock device and you have to be driving with that,   then your vehicle may be?

Impounded for 5 days
Impounded for 7 days
None of the above
Be impounded for 30 days

Q. When you see flashing red light in the intersection.

yield to the traffic
Come to a complete stop
Must come to a complete stop and proceed when it is safe

Q. You are unable to see the crosswalk because you are behind the vehicle which is stopped at the crosswalk, you should?

Cross the vehicle.
Stop, go out and look for the way.
Pass the vehicle on right.
Stop behind the vehicle.

Q. Road rage situations can be avoided of you are driving in?

Left lane.
Right lane.
Safe and courteous manner.
Aggressive manner.

Q. Being aware of traffic behind you and allowing them to pass is

Safe driving practice.
Not allowed.
Impeding traffic.
None of above.

Q. Asphalt look_____________ in winter .

Brownish black
Black and shiny
White and clean

Q. When it is raining, pavement is slippery and tires?

Make more grip on the road.
Produce less wear and tear.
Makes less grip on the road.
Can go flat.

Q. You should always use the low beam lights of oncoming traffic from?

90 Meters.
150 Meters.
125 Meters.
60 Meters.

Q. You notice a pedestrian with a white cane when you approach intersection what you should do?

Speed up to clear the intersection
Come to a complete stop.
Slow down the person may with visual disability
do nothing.

Q. Commercial vehicles must be equipped with ____________ when in operation.

Reflectors, flairs.
Water and food.
GPS locator.
None of above.

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