As a trucker how safe I am from covid19?

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Truck driver safety and Covid19

As a trucker how safe I am from covid19? Truckers doing their best in the Covid19 outbreak. The band was continued when the Titanic was sinking. Same way, our truckers are the real heroes, delivering, picking up and driving in this emergency situation.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States thanked the truck drivers for continuing their work in Covid19 outbreak. The FMSCA exempted drivers from HOS regulations in the United States. On top of it, everyone is contributing to the maximum to stop the spread of covid-19. Canadian government and cities are working hard to deal with the situation. The city of Toronto recommended restaurants and bars to stop dine-in services. Many companies, shippers, and receivers are asking drivers to stay in the trucks while on the docks.

As a trucker how safe I am from covid19?

A truck driver is not exposed at that level to the Covid-19. Think about public dealing jobs, I am much safer than those. Because. I can stay isolated in the fully sanitized cabin for 20 to 22 hours a day. No doubt, I have to face the maximum shit at the truck stops, rest areas, fueling stations, but still, I can survive without handshaking, sitting in direct contact of someone sneeze, etc. We already practicing the social distance, away from public gatherings, public transit, and crowded areas. None of the other jobs provide that big safety and isolation options from the Covid19.

I can eat whichever is best to boost my immunization system, I have 24-hour access to a microwave, coffee maker and fridge. On top of that, I do not need to share these personal appliances with anyone. Sunlight and heat provide considerable relief from the coronavirus. This way, As a trucker how safe I am from covid19?

I can buy my essentials

I am not afraid of the shortage of supplies because of Corona Virus. As a truck driver, I have many options for buying my essentials. I can beat the panic buying. My access is not limited to a single city. I can shop in every small metropolitan area on my route and buy toilet paper, food, clothing, and other supplies.  Hopefully, the coronavirus would disappear in the summer.

No doubt, we may need to wait longer, especially on the toilet paper shippers, fight against Covid-19 in burnout areas, pick up a load or deliver the essential goods. What do you think about covid19 and trucking? I think it will not be that worse as it on social media. We will have more loads, as a result of panic buying.

Hopefully, everybody will stay safe and keep on trucking.

What do you think, As a trucker how safe I am from covid19? What will be the effects of Covid19 on trucking? Your comments, emails, and social media feed highly appreciated.

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