30 Life hacks for truck drivers which are very helpful

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Are you a truck driver? Is a truck driving job getting hard for you? Or you are looking for truck hacks, semi truck hacks

Here are the top 30 life hacks which can change your life. I promise that these tips will make trucking comfortable & easy for you. So, let’s start with comfortness.

Hacks for Comfort

✅ Use thermal insulation sheets and stay warm in your truck

In the chilling winters, to keep yourself and your truck’s cabin warm, use heat shields (Thermal insulation sheets) on your windows at day time and also on front glass (prime windshield) at night when you are not driving. If the cabin is warm, then no need of a heater. So, it is also helpful in saving fuel as well as battery. Which again saves you when your truck will start in the first try. An average of 30 liters of diesel is required to run the engine of a truck for only heating purpose.

They are very helpful in stopping the chilled air to enter inside your truck and keeps heat inside.

Also, these are very beneficial at nights because where they cease temperature variation, there they also make the truck’s cabin soundproof. You can also use boards of plastic, ply etc. in your windows.

✅ Use cushion, but not in early hours

If you are a long haul driver and want to use a cushion, don’t use it for at least the first 4 hours drive because if you use it in the first four hours than you already enjoyed the comfort of the cushion. Using after four hours is beneficial because you’re relaxed and you can survive up to 4 more hours. Use a Memory Foam Seat Cushion.

✅ Properly arrange things on the dashboard and around you

Keep the small but important things like Phone Holder, mug-holder, water bottle fixed on your dashboard.
You have to spend a very little and like magic, your driving life will be easy.

✅ Put a black tape on illuminations on the dashboard which pinch your eyes

When you switch on lights in the evening, LEDs in gauges of your dashboard are very irritating, especially when you have to drive long and daily. Black tape is the perfect solution. It decreases the luminosity, hence saves your eyes.

✅ Use the wooden steering wheel

steering wheel
steering wheel

If you are looking to change steering wheel cover try for wooden one, that will relax your hands always.

✅ Adjust the seat height

so your feet reach to ground properly, don’t leave a gap between seat and thigh.

✅ Use trucking apps

Thanks to technology, sometimes, it is a real lifesaver. Most of these apps are free to use, so no extra load on your pocket. For best route ideas, information about low bridges, public facilities, eating points, road assistance etc., use free truck driver apps. Specifically for routes, use smart truck route app

✅ Music

It is the best friend when you are on alone and following along route. Listen to mild music in mornings and hip hop, pop in the evening when you feel tired.

Music System
Music System

✅ Use white vinegar on the windshield to prevent the fog effect

Apply a thin coat of white vinegar inside the windshield using a wipe or tissue paper and see the magic.

Health and hygiene hacks

✅ Don’t waste money on food, have a stove in the truck

Portable Stove for truckers
Portable Dual Fuel Stove for truckers

Cook food yourself or carry it from home. Food is the 1st basic need of a human being, for which he earned throughout his life. But it is very hard to pay high for the outside food, which is not good in the long run.

Your tongue may appreciate the taste of spices and other junk food, but believe me, your digestion system hates it. So, avoid wasting hard earned money on outside food and do it yourself.

Now a day, 12-Volt Portable Stove as well Dual Fuel Stoves are available, which are specially designed for truckers and are legal to use inside the cabin of your truck.

✅ Put a boot brush on footstep

Clean your shoes always before entering the truck. A clean environment makes stay comfortable, it is a psychological effect as well as your foot-mats will have a longer life.

✅ Have unscented wipes or hand sanitizer with you

Always sanitize your hands before you eat something. Remember you have to sit long and you can’t afford to stop many times in the way, due to upset stomach.

✅ Stay hydrated

Don’t run out of the water. So, take enough liquids before 1 hour of your brake, don’t take energy drinks. So, you don’t have to stop separately for passing the urine.
Although, portable urinal for truckers are available, which are very useful when want to stop.

✅ Have a bin in your truck

Have within the reach of hand.

Trash Can
Not the floor of our truck but the waste-bin is a perfect place for wrappers of burgers, empty water bottles, cookie wrapping. So, keep them in the right place.

✅ When using public facilities

Put rest assured toilet seat cover or at least toilet paper on the seat there should be at least one paper in between your body and seat.

public facilities

Where it saves you from infections, there it also helps you to keep dry, because most of the times, public toilet seats are not dry.

✅ Exercise is must to stay fit

Even astronauts do it in space, where they have a very congested space. Then why don’t you?
Get rid of your passenger seat if you drive long haul and have exercise bicycle installed in its place.

Security Hacks

✅ Have a seat belt cutter within hand reach

Better to hang under the steering wheel

✅ Have traction mats for heavy equipment or sandbox and antifreeze liquid

It can be a lifesaver if you stuck in the snow. Many times, you can save a call to tow services.

✅ Better to put special truck dash cam

Fix it somewhere wipers do not block it may be on top of the windshield, so you can record closer view also.

✅ Drive according to time, not to distance

Don’t rush for a delivery. Drive according to conditions, not to e-log or delivery time. Because the dispatchers pushing you are in front of the computer, not on road. It is only 4 inches on the google maps for dispatchers in actual it may be 2 days drive.

✅ Do defensive driving

Don’t be aggressive. Every life is precious, like yours as others. Don’t forget that somebody waits for you and they want you in their lives, not your memories.

✅ Most dangerous time

Most dangerous time to drive is dusk time
(morning 2 am to 5 am). Try to avoid that.

✅ Keep following with you

A survival kit, tool kit, flairs, triangles, rain suit, torch are the must.

Trailer hacks

  • To check brake lights, hang your hammer on the spike brake lever and then go out and look brake lights.
  • When you hook trailer if it is dropped too high, lower the trailer before putting your truck under it because if you hook a higher trailer the landing gear lag can be stuck to the ground and then after it will be too hard to lower it.
Truck's Trailer
Truck’s Trailer
  • Flatbed tarping, always un-tarp on the trailer, not on the ground, ask forklift operator to put a tarp on the top always fold tarp inwards and fold from back to front.
  • Tie flatbed belts upwards and hang the hook in trailer side rail, when you open it is easy to open from outside and during driving it will not go off.

Money saver tips

  • To get maximum fuel economy keep speed between 90 to 100 km/h (58 to 62 mph).
  • Keep the air pressure optimum for better tire life and good control.Air Brake Checks for truck
    Air Brake Checks for truck


How a trucker can make his life easy?

30 proven life hacks for truck drivers which are very helpful

  • Use Thermal insulations
  • Use white vinegar on windshields to prevent the fog effect
  • Use cushion, but not in early hours
  • Arrange necessary gadgets and other frequently used stuff on you dashboard
  • Black tape on illuminations to save eyes from sharp light from gauges
  • Use wooden steering wheel
  • Properly adjust you seat
  • Use trucking apps
  • Listen to music
  • Avoid outside food
  • Install a boot brush a footrest
  • Clean with unscented wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Stay hydrated
  • Cover toilet seat with paper when using public facilities
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have a seatbelt cutter with hand reach
  • Carry traction mats
  • Install Das cam
  • Drive according to time, not to distance
  • Do defensive driving
  • Avoid dusk time
  • Keep survival kit, tool kit, flairs, triangles, rain suit, torch with you

If you like this article, then share it to your friend and on your social media. If you find something missing in this article, then please comment below.


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It’s good to know that you should un tarp on the trailer. My husband is planning on using a flatbed truck in a couple of weeks to transport heavy equipment and wanted to know some tips on how to make it easier for him. I’ll make sure to pass this inf


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